My October in 2 Minutes


Halloween in School


It’s Halloween in Daegu!

Last weekend we suited up and went to celebrate one of my faaaaavorite holidays! Does it really surprise you that I like to dress up?  BAM! I impressed myself with putting this Wilykit from the Thundercats outfit together in 3 days. I made it! WoooOOooo, mama be proud! Everything including contacts cost like $35.  We [...]

Ddung Doll Halloween Party

Lets get into the October spirit with the Korean doll Ddung!  Check out these cute doll photos getting ready for a Mini Halloween Party!

Vacationing at home

Dear Korea Happy Chuseok

Dear Korea Happy Chuseok

Just stopping by to wish everyone here in Korea a great holiday! Enjoy your noms and have lots of fun! I’ll be taking over Seoul this weekend.

There will be a comic on Monday, so keep an eye out for it!

Malaysia Photographs

As regular readers will know, I was in Malaysia for a short holiday not so long ago. As usual, I took my camera and took plenty of photographs.

#With the exception of the amazing collection of sunset shots I took from Langkawi where myself and Herself spent about six days, my two other favourite spots to photograph were the BOH Tea Plantaion in the Cameron Highlands, and Kuala Lumpur and the busy streets around Bukit Bintang – being a tourist with limited time and a pregnant wife I wasn’t fortunate enough to get to see more obscure corners of the city, but I think I did a good enough job.

Click on the photographs below to take you directly to two sets of photographs I have just uploaded to flickr

Driving Through the Cameron Highlands

The road was dusty and the road was hot. Inside the air-conditioned car much of this didn’t matter as much. From Ipoh, the highway curved steadily between limestone bastions that seemed to have risen from the earth like mushrooms. Eventually the road climbed and these individual giant outcrops melded into larger formations, and before long we were winding through these formations that were now the beginning of a larger mountain range.

The more the road climbed, the further it went from what would commonly be referred to as civilisation. With that, the jungle seemed to take over as the trees rose higher and the variety, from what I could see from the back seat, seemed to be changing every time we went another hundred metres above sea-level.

Buddha’s Birthday 석가탄신일 ~ Best Holiday in Korea!

Lotus lanterns outside the 관악구 government office.

One thing that I found disappointing about Korea when I first started coming was the city-wide lack of traditional holiday celebrations. Living in Japan I was able to participate in many celebrations, parades, festivals, and occasions to wear traditional clothing, but in Korea even though they always talk about it or promote it abroad…. those things are more behind closed doors or just Calendar holidays that do not bring about anything very exciting or “cultural” for outsiders~ with the exception of Buddha’s Birthday!

Japlanning: or How I Can Sleep in a Space Odyssey

If you haven't noticed, I am super excited for my upcoming trip to Japan.  I've been doing a lot of reading and research, and yet I still feel nowhere near prepared.  Oh well, ready or not- here I come. 

I was talking to my friend Sam yesterday about how if you would've asked me when I was younger (before Korea had even got an invitation to the party), never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would go to Japan.  Maybe that's why I wasn't too horribly upset when I didn't make it there my first year- it seemed like a place too far away to be reachable.

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