Christmas Holiday Part 2- Japan!

…We arrived in Japan, Osaka on Thursday 20th December. This flight was also extremely pleasant as it was only one hour in length. When we arrived at the airport we took a bus as soon as possible to Kyoto and checked into our hostel. Here we stayed for four days. Kyoto is such a beautiful city. There are many tourist attractions. We were very excited to explore such an interesting place.

We explored the Gion area. Here there were traditional buildings. Some were restaurants, shops and some were still houses.  The architecture was beautiful. We really liked the Gion area because this is where traditional Geisha’s roam the alley ways. Another nice area was Pontocho. This area is also known for traditional and pretty restaurants, shops and Geisha’s. This area was really striking because it consisted of narrow lanes that emphasized its traditional pretty character.

Christmas Holiday Part 1- Taiwan!

David and I decided to spend our Christmas vacation visiting two countries, Taiwan and Japan. As per usual I had to write a report for our Korean employers. So here it is…(Remember this report is exaggerated to please our bosses!)

What will 2013 Look Like?

Things changing this year in Korea Starting in July, there will be no smoking allowed in PC bangs! The age of becoming a legal adult will change: 19 year olds are adults and thus will be drinking it up!  (Korean age, aka 18 by our standards) Korean Day will “REbecome” a holiday from 2013. The 9th [...]

Christmas in Korea

This year was the second time I spent the holiday season in Korea, and how I wish I had spent it in the Philippines instead. There’s nothing like Christmas in a country that celebrates the LONGEST Christmas (and New Year).

A Week in Photos #9


Seoul Santacon: So be good for goodness sake!


There are few times in life when I believe it is appropriate for a group of friends to wear bright and matching outfits, disregard the personal space and solitude of others in public and obnoxiously sing childish songs while moving from one drinking establishment to another. One of these times would have to be Seoul Santacon.

Pepero Day ♥ 빼빼로데이 11/11

Did you know that on top of Valentines day and White day, Korea has ONE MORE holiday for giving sweets to someone special? Pepero day 빼빼로데이~ a holiday made for giving pepero snacks that is held every year on 11/11!  Why that date? Well because it resembles the stick biscuit treat! ♥

A Week in Photos #8


Dear Korea #077 - A Lesson in Moderation

Dear Korea #077

Yay for a new comic! Also, yay for Pepero Day (even though it was technically yesterday)!

For those of you that don’t know what 빼빼로 (pepero) is, it’s basically a cookie stick dipped in chocolate. Many of you might be more famiiar with the Japanese version of the same snack, which is known as Pocky.

Family Holidays.

I’ve gone on many, many family holidays, but what I remember isn’t exactly what I originally sent any postcards home about. The novelty of a family holiday is a notion that has alluded me for a long time. I grew up the second eldest of five sons and it was what seemed to me to be a long time before I could enjoy my own holiday on my own conditions. Probably the fact that I was in that position in the family, where I seemed to spend more time on large group holidays than my other brothers may have, and this may have encouraged the sense of desperation to avoid a mass family fueled exodus I had as I was in my late teens and early twenties. I’m certainly more inclined to enthuse over a family holiday now.

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