Private Education and the Korean Independance Movement

Korea Now and Then: Cheonggyecheon (청계천)

Ancient Erotic Korean Coins

Korea has a long history of producing sexual artefacts, with recent archeological studies having found sex toys dating back to the Unified Silla Era (7th-10th century) and ithyphallic pictures on Bronze Age kitchenware. These coins were produced during the Joseon era, which, unlike the previous Goryo dynasty, was notable for its conservative and prude mores.

Korean School Life in the Fifties and Sixties

Education is a big part of Korean life, just consider the fact that 97% of all Koreans graduate from high-school (highest graduation rate in the OECD) or that the average Korean student between the age of 15 and 24 spends about 8 hours studying every day (as opposed to an average 5 hours for other OECD countries). As you'll see from these pictures, studying hard is an old tradition in Korea:

The 6.10 Democracy Movement (6.10 민주항쟁)

A French Traveler's Account of Joseon Korea: Charles Varat's "Tour du Monde"

Korean Leper Colony: Sorok Island (소록도)

Sorokdo (소록도/小鹿島 lit. "small deer island", the island was thus named because of its shape) is a small island off the southwestern coast of Korea where the country's last leper colony has been standing for over a hundred years.

An American in Joseon Korea: George Foulk

Born in 1856, George Clayton Foulk was an officer of the US navy who was sent to Asia at the end of the 19th century. During his first mission he became fluent in Korean and Japanese and was later appointed Minister to the Kingdom of Korea from 1885 to 1886 and again from 1886 to 1887. The numerous pictures he took during his time in Korea are an invaluable historical legacy.

Korean Map: Daedong Yeojido (대동여지도)

As we talked about maps a few days ago, I figured posting about this would be a good idea. Daedong Yeojido (대동여지도, 大東輿地圖) is a map published in 1861 by Kim Jeong Ho (김정호, pen name Go San Ja 고산자) and remarkable for its accuracy. The map is a National Treasure of Korea (no. 850), it is 360 cm wide and 685cm high, with a scale of about 1:162 000.

Zoomorphic Maps of Korea


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