September Field Trip: Natural History Museum

For our September field trip the children were sent to the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History. First the kids sat down for a 3D movie about dinosaurs.

An Illustrated History of Family Planning in Korea

In the aftermath of the Korean War, the young South Korean Republic faced an influx of over two million refugees from North Korea and a post-war baby boom with a fertility rate of 5 births per woman. The population was growing at a 3% rate each year and fear arised about the country's limited land resources. As a result, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea (PPFK) was created in 1961.

Festivities at the Seoul Museum of History

Chuseok Diary

I’m sitting in the living room after finishing another massive feed. My mother and father in-law are visiting, as is my brother-in-law. It’s kind of a proud moment for me. Today, I’m the man-of-the-house that is hosting the family’s Chuseok get-together. Herself doesn’t really have a big family – only her parents and one younger brother – and the majority of her parent’s brothers and sisters have lived far away for a long time so the family tend to do their own thing at Chuseok. It’s small, but cosy enough in its own way. It’s also quiet, which is also nice especially when I compare it to the frantic Christmases we have back in Ireland.

As I said, I am the man-of-the-house. That being said, herself and her ould won are doing most, if not all, of the work. It’s not because I can’t, it’s more because Herself’s ould won won’t have me doing anything short of setting the table, not that I’m complaining or anything.

Unfortunately, Herself’s parents can only stay a couple of nights before they shoot back to Gangwon-do on the east coast. But, we both could see that they were happy to be here for Chuseok. The change and the journey are always nice I think, and I think that they had less to worry about coming here. Our apartment has more room and is a bit more comfortable than theirs, especially when the whole family comes over for Chuseok. So, while they did have a three hour drive to get here we both could feel that they were very relaxed and happy with the change of scene.

The Korean Car Industry's First Time Battle on its Home Turf



Jeju Naval Base Controversy

Since I recently spent some time on Jeju the news of a military base being built on the island perked my interest. However, I am not to sure what is happening so I took the time to read up on the issue. From the gist of it I believe that the South Korean Navy has been building a naval base on Jeju within the city of Gangjeong. The function of such a site is summed up clearly in a New York Times article:

Korean Kittens ~ Singing the Beatles

Got this through Facebook, of course where else? I like it's nostalgic feel and the fact that they aren't all in sync with each other like the girl groups of today.

Korean War Song: 6.25 Song (6.25의 노래)

61st Anniversary of the Korean War (6.25 전쟁)

61 years ago, on Sunday, June 25th 1950, the North Korean People's Army crossed the 38th parallel in response to an alledged provocation from the South, starting a war that is technically still going on today. Here are a few links in commemoration of this event.

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