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Soul Power Vol 2 feat Iron Mic

Adele "Rolling in the Deep" Dance Routine by Thomaz Chee & Joe

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Adele "Rolling in the Deep" Dance Routine by Thomaz Chee & Joe at Itaewon Open Mic.

Black Light Party @ Blue Monkey

Yup! It's about that time for everyone to throw on somethin white, grab some highlighters and come draw all over each other in the BLaCk LiGhTs at the Blue Monkey Bar in Kyungsung (KSU)!! We'll provide the glow bracelets, you bring the hot glowin bodies!!

For the occasion...

DJ NINE will be puttin a bit of house twist into his hip hop mix and we'll be serving 3,000W Gin/Vodka Tonics so that your drink can get it's glow on w/ ya!

Check out our event at:

Also, add BlueMonkey KSU on FB and be one of the first to know about upcoming events!!




Cinco de Mayo at Blue Monkey in KSU!

As we all know, Cinco de Mayo is a GREAT excuse to celebrate and throw a that's EXACTLY what we'll be doing at Blue Monkey this Saturday!!

[VIDEO] A Very Cool Clip from Korea’s Look 2 Listen

I was there back in the day, during the origins of Hip Hop, battling it out with my rivals on the corners and on my home turf at the Meridian Quad in San Jose, California.  I was fortunate during my short-lived time as a rapper that I actually opened in front of 5,000 people for Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Whodini and the Fat Boys in Stockton on December 4, 1984 during the nationwide tour of the Fresh Fest.

I have been meaning to write the story down of my one year as Bee~Mac, the Rapper Supreme. It was wild. I will get to it, I promise.

Yeah, I was dope… though we called it “fresh” back then. And I had the novelty of being one of the few White boys doing it way back when.

Live Hip Hop at Blue Monkey in KSU!!

Saturday March 31st we're bringing in some of the best local hip hop talent to take over the music scene at Blue Monkey! From 10-12 we're giving DJ Nine a break and goin LIVE!! For all the hip hop fans out there, this is an event you WON'T wanna miss!! Check out our event flyer on FB to see the line-up!

Also, we'll be having Happy Hour from 10-11 with 3,000W Mixed drinks & 2,000W Cass/Tequila! 

Come start your night early at Blue Monkey to get your drink on and enjoy some MAD hip hop talent!


FB Event:


Dancing in Seoul (Guest post)

This guest post comes to you courtesy of Dee Mason, a freelance travel writer.

KAs@Work: Music Journalist Mikey Fresh

Pinnacle and the Antidote: the sickness and the cure

Don’t come to a Pinnacle and the Antidote show if you’re not ready to get your mind blown. Seriously – if all you’re looking for is some band to play in the background while you sweet talk that cute girl at the bar, you’ll be catching that taxi home by yourself. It’s usually an exaggeration to say the entire place is watching the band – this time around, all eyes face front and most heads bob in time. With lyrics such “I’m a negro wit’ an ego the size of Danny Devito” and “I make a great Kool Aid / but you gon’ hate my punch”, Pinnacle is proof that clever lyrics trump expletives every time.

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