The Fastest of Food

The Fastest of Food

A South Korean delivery driver tears through an intersection, Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province.

These fast-food delivery bikes are always zipping around at breakneck speed, blazing through red lights, etc. I knew to capture their essence, I'd need to show a sense of that motion in my imagery. I thought panning would be the best way to achieve that.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Two women take an after-hours stroll through Tongyeong's Undersea Tunnel, Gyeongsangnam-do.

The tunnel was constructed during Japanese occupation of Korea in 1932, and was Asia's first submarine tunnel, connecting the city of Chungmu to Mireuk Island. Nowadays, a series of bridges also link the island to the mainland, and so the tunnel has been pedestrianised.

Hwang Mountain

Hwang Mountain is located in Changnyeong. It  is a beautiful mountain situation in a country park. There are numerous routes to hike up it. I like hiking the Okcheon route as there is a pretty temple and a beautiful seated Buddha.


On Saturday David and I went to Masan with Amanda and Brandon. We got some lunch and done some shopping. It felt very festive as it was snowing. As it was very cold we went to a multi bang. This is a place where you hire a room by the hour. ( One hour cost 16,000) The room has a variety of entertainment options. You can watch TV, movies, sing karaoke, play video games and play board games.  We spent two hours playing Super Mario games. The room also had a free snack bar so we munched on pop corn, cookies and drank hot drinks.

Evening Class

It’s that time of year were I teach evening class. This is an extra class addition to English Camp. I teach nine pupils for one hour, 7.20-8.20 pm and I teach the same students for six weeks. It’s a nice change because when I teach in the day at English Camp I teach different students every week and I never become familiar with any of them. In Evening Class I am able to get to know them a little more, which is nice. Also in Evening Class we don’t have a set curriculum so I get to teach whatever I want. This is much more interesting. As it is October I have been able to incorporate Halloween into my lessons. It has been so much fun!

Destination: Tongdosa (Yangsan city, Gyeongsangnam-do)

Above: 증장천왕 (Jeungjang cheonwang), or the deva of the south gate, guarding with a dragon.

Exploring Korea #2

59:55 minutes (27.43 MB)

 Exploring Korea#2
February 17, 2010

Jeff & Jeff make a few announcements and discuss travel destination in Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea's Southeastern-most province. 

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