Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli beach in daytime, Busan
Gwangalli beach is Busan’s second-most popular beach (second to Haeundae). It has a distinctively more ‘city beach’ feel to it than its more-popular counterpart does. It’s a solid ’7′ by day, but a ’10′ by night, where you can gaze at the iconic Diamond bridge, buy some fireworks, and drink to your heart’s desire.

If you go during the day, Beach umbrellas are 5,000 won. Sit at one and an attendant will come to collect. Tubes for the water are 7,000-10,000 to rent, but you should get some deposit money back at the end.
Gwangalli, by night, Busan

Progress Report

It's been a shade over two months since I got to Korea and it's high time that I give everybody back home (and around the world) an update on how life in Korea has been treating me this time around. Despite having near two years of experience with this confusing and sometimes frustrating corner of the world, Korea has managed to dish up plenty of fresh challenges for me in my third stint in the land of the morning calm.


Busan's Other Beach - Gwangalli

For reasons that have never quite made sense to me, Busan is perhaps best known for the often crowded Haeundae Beach. Maybe being from a country where amazing beaches are a dime a dozen makes me something of a shore-front snob, but I've never really been that enamored of the unremarkable stretch of surf deprived beach surrounded by smoky Korean night clubs and more sleazy love motels than you can shake a stick at.


Ode to the Rooftops

I write this post in appreciation for the little individual freedoms that still exist in Korea long after they have ceased in so many other countries thanks to those few idiots who go and blow it for everyone.  Possibly one of my favorite among these is the insanely easy access to nearly any roof of any building in the country.  I have indeed taken advantage of this perk and am no stranger to rooftop shenanigans, but I must say we discovered a real winner last night.  While escorting some traveling Hungarians about town, our eventual boredom of the ocean view from the sand led us to head out in search of a better place to enjoy our soju.  By this time it was rounding 2AM, businesses were closed and the flicker

Atonement Outdoor Screening at Gwangalli Beach



When: Sunday October 11 at 20:00

Where: Gwangalli Beach (North End)

If you want something a little more mainstream to go with the slew of art films coming to town this week during PIFF, the City of Busan is screening “Atonement” (Joe Wright, 2007) as part of its “Beach Theatre at Gwangalli Beach.” I’m booked pretty solid with the festival and all, but I may make time to catch my second viewing of this epic love story set in the midst of World War II.

For the list of screenings throughout the remainder of the month, please visit

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