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Sunset Beach

Gwangalli Beach in Busan! 광안리해수욕장!

Busan is a really popular place for Koreans to visit in the summer. But what if you live there? Most people have seen the famous pictures of Haeundae beach, with umbrellas and huge crowds covering up every inch of sand! We would recommend going a few stops south to Gwangalli Beach! While still really popular and crowded, it’s way less crowded and to us is just a way cooler neighborhood. :) It also has a way better view, with the Diamond Bridge in the distance!

We hung out there with our friends Dan and Priscilla recently, and made a quick video on the beach! Enjoy!

A Puppy’s First Outing

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As Eunee is only 7 weeks old, she hasn’t really left the house. Yesterday she had her 2nd of 7 visits to the Vet to cover all of her vaccinations. (she has to go every 2 weeks)

Today we took her for her first outing on the subway and to the beach. She shivered a little, but being as though she was in my fanny pack (yes I own a fanny pack) she seemed overall relaxed.

After about an hour in the sun, she passed out for the night. She hasn’t really woken up since. All the excitement exhausted her.

It was fun to see everyone eye our cutie.

Gwangalli Beach

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Crescent-shaped Gwangalli Beach is one of the most popular hangouts in Busan, offering fine sand, good swimming, and an exorbitant number of cafés, restaurants and bars. We’re lucky enough to call it home for the next three months and have already spent a lot of time on the its entertaining promenade.

Blocking the view

Blocking the view

Taken during one of those nights sitting on the beach, drinking from Family Mart.

Music in Gwangalli

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - 21:00

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