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Link: SBS Documentary on Same Sex Marriage

Andrew Goes to Korea translated an article on an SBS Documentary that was aired last month. It starts:

SBS Covers Same-Sex Marriage in an SBS Special To be aired on June 7th at 11:10pm, the SBS Special "We Got Married" episode (directed by Lee Kwang-hoon) will look at the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage in Korean society and consider whether Korean society, following various other countries' leads, might find some value in reconsidering its orientation [so to speak]

Is all Marriage Created Equal?


After watching the now stratospheric speech by Panti Bliss in the Abbey theatre I had an uncomfortable feeling. Why was ‘she’ so angry at ‘me’? Why did she repeatedly utter the words ‘I check myself’ almost to the point of complete irritation. Why was I so annoyed?

Hopeful Wishing


I work four hours a day in Korea. It’s great. In the States I’d be working more than twice that to maintain the same income. Even more hours would be needed to realize the same lifestyle I enjoy here (nothing outlandish, I assure you). The Koreans with whom I work are not paid as much as I am for the same work. They work more hours than I do as well.

Peter Clarke

By Ray Hyland

The first adults you meet in life will forever leave an impression. Family notwithstanding you rely on your teachers and headmasters to guide you along the early roads.

Guest Post: All Foreigners Come Back

About two years ago Conor wrote a real nice piece about me as I had just left Korea. It’d been a pretty long journey for me as I’d been there for five years. As Conor wrote I was pretty excited to do some things I’d been saving and planning for a while, but beneath all that was some anxiety as my long term plans were still unclear.

It’s a long story but the short version is my first job out of college was teaching in the Midwestern United States. It was a tough place with a lot of challenges, and after two years I decided to leave. I had the idea in my head that I accomplished something, and thought I now deserved some fabulous life or something like that. Basically as soon as I left my life went downhill. Lots of different things went wrong, had some ugly experiences etc. One thing led to another and I ended up taking a job in Korea.

Guest Post: Davy’s Day Cometh


Everybody needs a hero, whatever walk of life they’re in. Sporting ones seem to hold an especial one in people’s lives. I’ve been very fortunate to have befriended many of my heroes over the years. People like Noel Meade, Trevor Brennan, Colm O’Rourke and Graham Geraghty. Heroes are particularly important in a sporting context – they inspire the next generation.


by Ray Hyland

For as long as I’ve been a resident of dear Dunboyne, there has been a tenuous but definite link back into Dublin City. An artery if you will, which pumps from the heart of the City Centre back to the edge of the old green belt.

I’d guess I’ve been on the 70 bus or one of its variants at least 5000 times since 1985 or ‘86.Probably more actually. I remember all subtle route changes. Did you know its original terminus was just by the Ha’penny Bridge beside an old carpet shop? From there it would wrap around to Liffey Street back onto Lower Abbey Street, pass the old O’Connor’s denim shop ( complete with weird mural that nobody remembers) back onto Capel Street, over Grattan Bridge and back to the still familiar route.

Get Ready, Get Set…Chuseok

by Ben Haynes

What a wonderful time of year we’ve happened upon! The harvest season, celebrated in as many ways as there are people and religions on this blessed planet. Yes, it’s all about getting together and enjoying the company of family and and gorging on the fruits of a well worked field or cubicle. Maybe packing on a few kilos for the winter months for good measure.

To observe this time of bounty, Americans roast up the largest, antibiotic-filled, corn fed turkey we can find at the grocery and then stuff it with some….. stuffing.

Apples for Chuseok

Apples for Chuseok

Do You Have a Minute to Spare?


If I Had A MInute To Spare is now open to guest posts. If you have a minute or two the spare and would like somewhere to say it, please get in touch through facebook or twitter.

Regular readers will know that I am open to anything really, and as I say in my introduction, this blog is a space for expressing or just getting some ideas out there. There’s no limit to the amount you submit, and while images are lovely they aren’t entirely necessary – I suppose it depends on what you’re trying to say.

So. Yeah. Guest posting. Who’s up for it?

Guest Post: Super Junior en Latinoamerica

Mucho se ha especulado en México acerca de la Visita de Super Junior, se habla de conciertos en Latinoamerica e inmediatamente las Fans en México se preguntan por que no vienen a nuestro país, le pedí a una amiga que me ayudara con este tema pues yo no soy experta en Kpop y mucho menos cuestiones de Super Junior, asi que Carmen me ayudo a escribir el siguente post de Super Junior en Latinoamerica.

Reseña del Concierto de Xia Junsu en Mexico


Aprovechando que acabo de regresar y apenas estoy poniendo todas las fotos del Viaje a Corea en orden, les quiero dejar una reseña del concierto de Junsu en Mexico, esta reseña me la mando Carmen Sotelo, una ex-compañera de mi clase de Coreano que tuvo la oportunidad de asistir al 1er concierto de Kpop en México!

Vegetarianism for Cancer Patients

Vegetarianism for Cancer Patients

Guest Post by  Jillian McKee

People may follow a vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons, including being concerned about animal welfare, the environment, desiring better health or simply disliking meat. Whatever the reason, beginning a vegetarian diet can be a smart health move, especially for patients with cancer.

Dancing in Seoul (Guest post)

This guest post comes to you courtesy of Dee Mason, a freelance travel writer.

A Temple By the Sea – Haedong Yonggungsa (guest post)

CISK note: this guest post comes to you courtesy of T Paul Buzan, who has a lot more stories and pictures available at

Life in Korea is a high-octane rush of work and play, late nights and early mornings, and routine adventure. It’s exciting – and frequently exhausting. No wonder caffeine is a staple of most diets here.

But there’s only so much coffee and green tea a person can drink. At some point you have to slow down, breathe, and take a few minutes to just chill out and recharge. Where to go?

One of the most peaceful experiences you can have in Korea is visiting a Buddhist temple. Imagine: Beautiful, natural scenery; the air sweet with the smell of incense; the rhythmic chanting of monks. It’s the perfect antidote to a hectic weekend in Seoul.

Ready to plan a relaxing trip? Read on to learn about one of the more unique temples Korea has to offer.

Guest post: getting a F-visa without getting married to a Korean

CISK note: Today’s guest post comes to you courtesy of Sharon de Hinojosa, a university professor and TEFL teacher for just under a decade. Her blog - – offers plenty of tips on TEFL, and is recently renovated.

Guest post:

This guest post is from a member of, a community of writers, translators and Korea-enthusiasts who represent part of the diverse ecology of the Korean blogosphere. You can see more from Charles Montgomery at

It’s a puzzle how someone interested in something as specific as translated Korean modern literature might have anything to say on Chris’s blog.

AT THE CROSSROADS: TO ATEK OR NOT TO ATEK (guest post from Chris D.)

Chris in South Korea note: this is a guest post from Chris D., whose biography is part of the story. Since we happen to share the same first name, please kindly address your comments to Chris D. (the author of this guest post), or Chris B. (yours truly) to avoid confusion. A post written by myself on the same topic is scheduled for later today.

This piece is about the oft discussed and hotly debated issue of ATEK. My goal here is to discuss one issue that is often left by the wayside in the stampede that is nearly always generated by any discussion on ATEK. That issue, in clear language is: What do Foreign English Teachers in Korea need?

A bit about myself before diving into this shark tank of a debate…

A week in the life (guest post on The Professional Hobo)

A version of this article was submitted as a guest post for The Professional Hobo.

As a full-time English teacher in South Korea, traveling is limited to my off-hours. With that said, I’ve made it a point to visit a new place, event, or festival every week since March 2008. While the lifestyle is conductive to travel, teaching English during the week is still a requirement to pay the bills.


Guest post: ice climbing in Seoul

Guest posts are always welcome at Chris in South Korea! Be sure to read this page for the guidelines, then contact me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com to send your idea.

Guest post: rock climbing in Seoul

This guest post comes to you from Peter Jensen-Choi, a adventurous sort of guy who's really into rock climbing. So what if it's getting cold outside? Plenty of climbing indoors means you can go no matter what Mother Nature is doing. All photos used with permission from

Disclaimer: Chris in South Korea does not receive - or offer - any compensation or payment for guest posts.

Guest post: Holiday shopping tips

This guest post is brought to you by Breda Lund over at the blog Annyeong! With the Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanzaa / winter solstice season coming up, it's high time to figure out what you're getting the special people in your life. There are some different ideas here, so read on!Holiday shopping season started, well, weeks ago. You're already behind. It's OK, there's still time, even if you

Guest post: A Taste of Jeonju

Note: Guest posts are written by people with expertise regarding Korean travel, food, culture, people, etc. Want to submit a guest post and promote your blog / website? Please see my guest posting guidelines. This post was written and photographed by Jo-Anna Lynch, an excellent blogger on life in Korea over at

A Taste of Jeonju - Jo-Anna Lynch

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