Everland April Discount Promotion only on Trazy!

Trazy ♥ Everland

Two Big offerings just for Trazy users.

1. Discount Coupon

Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea, offers exclusive 35% discount coupon only for Trazy users.

Please make sure you download the coupon on Trazy here. (or click on the photo below to visit) :)


 2. Half Price Group Discount

A space for all



I never really was into my Korean background at all.  I would’ve thought I’d make a website dedicated to kyopos but here we are.

During high school I wanted to have blue eyes, blond hair, and hated that I wasn’t born this way.  Throughout my life, I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese, or the typical ‘Asian’.  I hated being called asian, it almost sounded degrading; people would assume I played the piano well.  I played piano well because I practiced, but was quickly assured that it was because I was ‘asian’. Right.

Seeking meditation group

I am new to Busan, working in Seomyeon. I would like to find a weekly meditation group meeting. I'm missing the 1.5 hour guided-meditation format I enjoyed at home.

Any ideas appreciated!



My friends' band makes its wedding debut, and I was invited to see them play.  Of all the wedding photos I've taken, this one's my favorite, simply for its pure candidness.  Taken June 2008 at a wedding hall in Beomil-dong, Busan.

©2010 Kevin Baylon

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