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At the tail end of 2014 we were approached by Groove Korea who had an interest in what we are up to.

This Saturday…

If you’re not doing anything this weekend, allow me to suggest this event I covered which is featured in this month’s Groove Magazine:

HBC Fest Just Wants To Rock!

The HBC Fest has seen it all: rock, punk, hip-hop, folk music, poetry, Shakespearean drama, comedy, even a large balding man painted head to toe in green and smashing watermelons over his head.

The festival now regularly attracts musical acts from cities all over Korea. More and more local businesses are vying to join as venues, and organizer Lance Reegan-Diehl has had to turn musical acts away, as he can’t accommodate the large number of willing participants.

On Being a Writer in Korea – Getting Down to Dirty Truth

Part 3

The fact of the matter is that if you are writing in Korea then you are going to find it very difficult to get paid for your work. For all the writing I do, I have never been paid for any of the contributions I have made to the media here. Is there something wrong with this? Yes. Is it my fault? Yes. Can I do anything about it? No. Am I complaining? No.

There is writing work out there that will pay, but much of it is related to proof-reading and copy-editing, work that I have done and been paid for. I could go on about the problems in this area too but I won’t because I don’t do enough and it’s not in my mandate. Basically, this kind of writing work doesn’t really interest me that much – that being said I’d jump at a chance to take a job that would fit my schedule – I prefer writing about stuff basically, and copy-editing a poorly written ESL book isn’t that exciting.

On Being a Writer in Korea – A ‘How To’ & ‘Where To’ Guide

Part 2

Of course, to be a writer you have to write. But of equal importance to the writing element is you have to be read. There are many different ways to be read, but rest assured that for all the fantastic poetry and prose you scribble in your fancy notebook and for all the standing up on stage you do at open mic nights, you will never be never be read if you do not approach the media.

Of course you could argue that you write for yourself, which is fine, but if that is your take on writing then this post is not directed at you. And even if that is your take, you probably want to write for someone someday.

HBC Fest – A grainy and blurred photographic reflection

Yesterday was, of course, the HBC Fest. It was very colourful, especially if you consider the busfuls of cops that turned up to help us out with crowd control. It’s good to see that our taxes are eventually getting their money’s worth, especially when it comes to the 5-O. Anyway, I’m sure that the prominence of the cops has well advertised on the Korean blogosphere. This suits this post perfectly as I don’t intend on sharing any pictures of the cops – although I did see one great picture of some guy standing in and helping out the cops as crowd control which was hilarious… Anyway more about the cops later…

Apparently, I don’t have a minute to spare…

…So I can’t really make the wonderful posts my regular readers will have become accustomed to.

Last time I wrote one of these posts I was very anxious about my lack of posting. Right now, I probably don’t have the time to sit down and write this post, but I’m going to do it anyway because I want to and I’m a grown up who (sometimes) can deal with the consequences of my own actions. Grrrr.

It had been bothering me up until an hour ago that because I was so busy – I am, really, in a good way – I hadn’t been able to update this blog. Then I thought about it. Of all the blogs that I subscribe to…well the regular posts from most of them have dried up. I asked myself, why? Well, it’s obvious – the writer is busy.

So I should suck it up, do the job, and when I get the time (I’m guessing June) then I can post away to my hearts content.

Ska Bless You - Kingston Rudieska CD review

A version of this article is published in the August 2010 issue of the Groove.

CD reviews: We Need Surgery, Seoul City Suicides

Author's note: a version of these reviews are published in the July 2010 issue of the Groove.

We Need Surgery CD review

Photo credit: me

The quintet’s second 10-song effort released last month doesn't depart far from their successful retro-rock formula: keyboard, bass, vocals, and drums - best heard when turned up to 11 and blasted from your MP3 player or computer speakers. I saw these guys not too long ago - plenty of energy to keep the crowd jumping.

Interview: Mirrorhouse (July Groove)

Author's note: A version of this article appears in the July 2010 issue of Groove Magazine. All pictures below are my own; pictures in the printed version may not be the same.

With decades of combined musical experience, this 4-piece band has been around the block and back, and just may be the next ‘big thing’ to explode onto the music scene. Although each comes from different musical styles and tastes, the whole definitely seems greater than its parts. Having closed out the Haebangchon Festival last month, and with a new CD coming out soon, I sat in at a band practice in Hongdae to learn about the guys who call themselves Mirror House.

Interview: Edward Burgos and Viviana Serratos

A version of this interview appeared in May 2010's issue of the Groove Magazine. All photos below are my own, and may differ from the printed version.

I recently sat down with Edward Burgos and Viviana Serratos over some burritos at Dos Tacos, eager to learn about their movie-making while in Korea. Their uncommon backgrounds (Edward is 1/2 El Salvadorian, while Viviana claims to be "Mexican, Puerto Rican and Spanish, and a mix of some other passionate cultures") give them a unique perspective on life in Korea.

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