My Favorite Things: Korean Gifts from Around the Net

With Christmas just around the corner, Seoul has quickly transformed into a winter wonderland. The twinkling lights that adorn the facades of the city's biggest shopping complexes, the familiar ring of the Salvation Army bell and even the never-ending loop of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" have me feeling more festive than usual this year.

Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that I'll be going home to America for a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with my family. I couldn't be more excited and have been loading up on goodies and gifts to bring home for family and friends.

And the Winner of “K-Pop Now” is…

Hello, everyone!

Only 18 Hours Left!!


I am happy to be a part of this great event that not only raised about $32,396.28 (at the time of this post) for charity but put together a great, no wait HUGE!! AMAZING!! bundle of photography materials as well for the shocking low price of just $89! So why is this such a good deal and why should you listen to me when it comes to doing anything? Being an affiliate I got the chance to preview these materials and they all are amazing. I would not have written this just on the idea you might want this stuff.

Getting **Glasses** in Korea

One of the first things we noticed after arriving in Korea was the number of people wearing glasses. Hmmm we though, ok, maybe Koreans have really bad eye sight. But, then I started noticing some rather odd things. Most of the glasses people were wearing, had no lenses! They were purely for show. Loads of loads of cool frames, with no lenses. Ingenious! Who doesn't think they look smarter with

*Just for Just's* Giveaway :)

So, it's T-minus 18 days and counting till Farmboy and I touch down on South African soil ~yipee and a little bit *sniff sniff*. We are realy going to miss Korea, from the amazing public transport, to the the fact that I can walk around by myself at night and feel 100% safe...but you never know, we may even be back in August :) So, we are in high spirits and thought we would organise another

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