Are you looking for a place  for your private lessons and study on your own or with your friends?  

The MOIM has  a commitment to provide the best possible environment.

It is a quiet, cozy and comfortable place to study and teach, with free coffee, tea, internet and English speaking staff.

It is located on the 4th floor between Dunkin and Mcdonald near Pagoda in Seo-myeon. (Please refer to the map on our web or make a phone call.)


Visit our website :

Tel : 051-818-8252



The fat kid, a man on a ladder and smut.

On a trip to Daegu last year I was fortunate enough to catch a street performance. The entertainers were all between the ages of five and ten years old. And each one of these youngsters was involved in either singing or dancing. I must have arrived shortly after their performance had begun as they had already attracted quite a crowd. About one hundred people surrounded a tiny stage in the middle of the high street, with the entertainment in full swing. The crowd was bouncing merrily to the music and I couldn’t resist bobbing my head accordingly as I strained to find a gap that would let me get a glimpse of the antics. Looking around, I saw that one man had anticipated this throng and had brought a step ladder with him in preparation. In a sense, he became part of the performance with his balancing act on the ladder. One hand clutched a small digital camcorder while the other steadied him from falling among the spectators. All he needed was an anorak.

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