November 20 - 23, 2014, G-Star Global Game Exhibition My friends...

Yongsan Electronic Market ♥ 용산전자

Ice Cream Double Cone Stack Game

Lets play “Ice Cream Double Cone Stack Game”~ a super cute Korean game!

The game is very straight-forward, simply take turns stacking plastic ice cream scoops till someone knocks it down!

Global Starcraft II League★ MVP VS SQUIRTLE

 So Korea LOVES the game Starcraft, did you know? Korea = Kimchi, K-pop, and Starcraft.

Wargaming in Busan?

I've been in Busan since last August. Before I came I used to go to my local comic shop and play various nerdy nerd games. Most of them were miniatures games.  I sold most of them before moving here but would like to start up buying/painting/playing again but can't seem to find anywhere in Busan (don't really know where to look).  I know in Seoul there is at least one shop that sells Games Workshop and Privateer Press games, but I was hoping that maybe Busan would be lucky enough to have one as well.

I was told by other gamers in Seoul to check out nearby the military bases or at some sort of recreation center near/on a base but I don't even know where to go to explore. US military have a good tendency to play such miniatures games to stave off the boredom.

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