Teaching: 8 games to play with your English-language-learning students

This blog focuses on travel and life in Korea – but for many wonderful readers, teaching English takes up a pretty significant amount of time. Hope these help you in your classes!


Gstar 2010 Global Game Exhibition @ Bexco

Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 10:00

Halloween Party and 5,000 Views.

Hello readers!

Today was the fantastical Halloween Party at my school.

Actually, I found that it was EVEN MORE stressful than our open house yesterday. I finally had time to start making some games for the kids for the party. Each teacher was in charge of some game or other. I was assigned two different games, to appeal to two different age groups (kindergarten and elementary). I was given a BUNCH of freedom for this project.

I had to make some kind of "Face Making" game, where the kids could somehow make ghost faces. Then for the older kids, I needed a speed card game (some flash-cards or something like that).

Visit Korea - play games... sort of...

I recently came across a number of games on Korea's official tourist website - er, one of them, at least. Start by going to the Korea Tourism Organization's page of games:

Bear in mind the target audience of this website: tourists looking for information about Korea. Now, go to the KTO's main page and see if you can find the link to the aforementioned page of games.

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