Just Saying by Dave Tynan

This video came my way the other day. It’s a stark reminder of what happens to those of us Irish people who are dealing with emigration, one the social issues among young people in Ireland leading into 2013 (for example, I have four brothers and of the five of us only two live in Ireland). It is safe to say it really sunk in here at If I Had  Minute to Spare towers. I’m not the only one – a friend back in Ireland posted on Facebook that this video actually made her cry. I wasn’t far behind her.

The Poetry Bus Magazine on

The newest addition to the Irish poetry scene, The Poetry Bus – run by the wonderful talents of Peadar over at – is scheduled for another release this summer. Of course ‘the recession’, or whatever stupid name you want to give it, means that projects big and small, good and bad, don’t get any support from the powers that be.

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