Japan iv: Last day in Osaka at the Aquarium

Japan ii: The first night

Japan i: Fly Peach

Volunteering in Japan

I’m finally back with some posting, traveling and blogging is HARD, so, all those Travel bloggers out there: I respect you even more now.

I should start by writing about the WorkCamp we (me and my sister) did in Hanawa aka Hanawa City, it was a 2 weeks Work Camp where we were going to “Make Toros (Paper Lanterns) with children from the community”, yup, that’s the catch of the camp, I thought we would be working with the children for those 2 weeks and it turned out different….

Annoying Things About Korea #11: Shame on You, Retailers

Fears of Radiation Are Elevated in Korea
By now, native Koreans are used to living under an umbrella of underlying fear. This is one aspect of the Korean psyche. Fear of being subjugated, fear of being attacked by North Korea, and now, fear of radiation. However, today, the Chosun Ilbo reported that retailers have begun to introduce “radiation protective” products.

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