Filipino Singer/Performer Needed in Gwangju

An event in Gwangju set this month requires a Filipino singer or performer

Old Man Syndrome

On Friday morning at around 6.40, while many were still in bed or still only waking up, I was standing in the delivery room of the maternity hospital in Dongtan where myself and Herself have been frequenting on and off over the past nine months. Staring right in our faces was a tiny, screaming child, whose skin was still blue and covered in quickly drying blood having just being removed from the womb of my beloved wife. I will not lie. I cried at that very moment, but I did my best not to show it.


Super Eunee


Happy Friday Everyone…

Just remember; we all have a super hero hidden somewhere within and possess the power to do good.

The Friday Night Flyer


Adam caught a most amazing shot of Eunee as she leaped into the protection of her bed after fetching her toy tire.

I think she is half mini Dumbo/ half bat


Friday the 13th Massacre @ Crossroads

Friday, January 13, 2012 - 22:00

TOXIC APE presents 

Friday the 13th Massacre @ Crossroads


Seriously, I don't know what I would do without you Friday. Even my students today remembered when I asked them what day of the week it was, "Ellie teacher, your favorite day!" (I felt a little bad though, since they have school tomorrow...)

Day in the life of...

It is amazing how simple life has become here in Korea. I am 8 months into my 1 year contract and my daily routine can be the same as it was at home some days, mundane and boring. Wake up, take the bus to school, check my email, teach some classes, have lunch, teach some more classes, fuck around online/lesson plan, walk home, go to the gym, eat dinner, shower, sleep, repeat. (Sometimes spruced up with a little Woodstock Wednesday action but I keep it real during the week, real being I cannot function hungover and teaching the last thing I want to do after a night of booze.) That is the true life in the day of a English teacher in Korea (hey MTV, you should do that one!) During the week that is .

-LZONE-international party every Friday at 8pm.

Repeats every week until Wed Apr 13 2011 .
Friday, March 25, 2011 - 20:00

Introduction of LZONE
LZONE is a language cafe and international complex for foreigners

and Koreans.

We open LZONE between 4 P.M. and 10 P.M.(Mon-Fri), between 2

P.M. and 8P.M.(Sat, Sun)

Language Studies every hour every day.
(Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and English)

Especially, we have an international party every Friday at 8pm.
(It's only 15,000 won for the entry
and it includes a free cocktail&unlimited beer,Juice,Snack)

We have a really really big promotion for foreigners and I hope you

come over and take this advantage.
(Firstly, contact Andy on 010-9528-2212)

LZONE is located 4th Floor across from thursday party at KyungSung

University Station.


Friday is treating me well,  my friends.

I wake up (after a long Thanksgiving night filled with BBQ and cognac) to an email inbox full of messages from my mom and older sister asking me when I plan to log on Skype so the family to see me during their Thanksgiving festivities in Savannah GA. I barely manage to pull myself out of bed and wipe the crusties from my eyes before I’m flipping open the computer to see my entire family dressed in their Sunday’s best, huddled over the computer on the other end. The perfect way to start any day in my opinion. It was just what I needed.

Work proved to be interesting as well.

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