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New Release: One Night Only

Kim Jho Gwang Su and Kim Tae-yong's new omnibus film is now playing in theaters in Korea. I haven't seen any showings with English subtitles, but it my viewers are interested in seeing the film, they can check out Naver Movie's page with showtimes and theaters (Korean). If your Korean isn't good enough to get through the website but you still want to try to make a showing, write a comment below telling me what city you live in in Korea or what neighborhood in Seoul and I can find the closest theater and showtimes.

Korea Queer Film Festival 2014

I'm at the airpot heading to Korea and realized that the Korean Queer Film Festival is going on right now! I'm the worst gay blogger in Korea :-(
The festival will continue until Sunday, June 15th. English information can be found at The only Korean films are short films, unfortunately, but there are a handful of films in English or with English subtitles. 

Queerean Town Film Screening

Queerean Town, an LGBTQ group for Koreans in the Toronto area, is presenting their first event on June 14th: a Queer Korean Film Screening.

Second Life: The Gays are Coming 2

If you missed the screening of these short films in November, you have a second chance to see a series of queer Korean short films.

There are three screenings:

On Wednesday (2/26), you can see the films starting at 7 pm near Chungmuro Station at Oh! Zemidong Theater. (The theater is in the station).

Queer Film Release: 20

The new queer short film 20 (produced by 99) has posted screening times for the premier.

Filming a Documentary with Arirang TV

A couple months ago we were asked to participate in a documentary Arirang TV was making about safety in Korea. It is a topic we’ve been wanting to cover for a long time, so we agreed to be a part of it. We get a lot of safety related questions, and it’s always seemed to a be topic we could cover over the span of 3 or 4 videos. This Arirang TV documentary will focus on safety of students in school, and also cover women’s safety services in Seoul.


So, long October! My last full month in certainly kept me busy.

Rock Piles on Jirisan

I climbed the biggest mountain peak in Korea, Jirisan. We did a little miscalculation with the amount of daylight that we had left and nearly had to finish it in the dark. This was made even scarier by the fact that there were 'Beware of the Bear' signs up all over the forest. Check out the link if you want to see some good mountainside fashion...or not!

2013 Seoul LGBT Film Festival Tours the Country

Missed out on the 2013 Seoul LGBT Film Festival in June?? No worries!

The festival is traveling around Korea in the upcoming month.

Queer Short Film Crowdfunding: 20 (이십)

I love this new initiative by directors to crowdfunding their films in order to start film production. One films that is being advertised on IvanCity is a Korean queer short film called 20.

Directed by 백인규 (In-gyu Baek), it looks like funding has already been realized so we can hopefully see this film later this fall. Here's the trailer.

Busan International Film Festival 2013

This week has been Busan's International Film Festival. A week long celebration of film. We'd tried to get tickets but they all sold out really quickly, so we have managed to get our hands on a couple of cancellations.

To be honest, the most enjoyable part has been just hanging around the square and soaking up the atmosphere, particularly over the weekend when the typhoon was supposed to hit and was causing mischief by blowing empty chairs and cups everywhere. We also paid a visit to the Cinema Museum.

The museum was pretty bizarre. It was a collection of busts of famous characters from Hollywood films that a Korean music composer has collected to 'decorate his man cave' as it was worded on the information. Some of it was pretty terrifying to look around, and I wasn't surprised to see one little Korean boy crying his eyes out due to pure horror!

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