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Koreanized Fast Food Menus in McDonald’s, Lotteria, Burger King & KFC

Korean fast food store

Sometimes, when travelling in budget, you’ll probably have a moment when you miss the time of having a proper meal. Moreover, some restaurants have a break time, not receiving any orders. Then what would you do? I’d say “Fast food.” Even though fast food is infamous for being unhealthy, many fast food restaurants are alluring you with delicious and simple menus.

Do you know that there are some fast food menus suited for the taste of Koreans and sometimes only available in Korea as well? There are some localized or so-called “Koreanized” Fast Food menus in Korea that are rare in other countries. We will introduce the menus of 4 major burger fast food restaurants – McDonald’s, Lotteria, Burger King, KFC.

Same Chains, Different Countries = Unexpected Menu

Siqbal,Wikimedia Commons
Siqbal,Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, even if you love Korean food, you just crave something from home- a burger and chips, a glazed doughnut, or a big cheesy pizza. Luckily, there is an ever-increasing number of Western chains across Korea, offering food for just these occasions. However, that’s not to say the menus are exactly the same..

Busan Food Journal, Part Four

Chainlink Korea: Baskin Robbins

Western chains that have been planted and even grown roots in Korea have the power to take you home for half a minute, or they can leave you feeling like you're in some sort of weird Korea/Western mind-warp where nothing quite fits. They're like if you put on someone else's shoes, even if they look just like your pair they're worn in different places and feel a bit different.

In honor of the wonderfully weird, and the strange familiarity I'm going to do a series of posts about chains from home who, like me, have found a weird home in Korea.

Fast Food for Slow Minds (Video)

The taste testing and feedback was the most hilarious part of this Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! episode on fast food. But, it’s low hanging fruit. What was more controversial is Penn’s Cato-backed diatribe against “nudging” and homily for the “free market”. I never knew the “free market” still existed in the US, what with all the subsidies and other distortions. Yes, double taxation of lower-class families is well, bullshit, but so is the “free market”. Kudos to any family fighting against ads and Costco, to decide for themselves what is healthy to eat. But, let’s not forget that food is only one aspect of a full epicurean life. Exercise is another.

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