f visa

F3 Visa with hopes to work

This is partly question and partly venting.

I'm with F3 visa i.e spousal visa. I understand that with this visa, one CANNOT work at all (now I know). Its quite frustrating because job posts that mention looking for F visa make it as if though ALL F visas are ok. Its pointless that we have that code at all. Then, employers rather people with no visa to begin with or already with the right ones.  If I need to change visa, I need to have an appointment letter first. Its a mad cycle for us F3 visas.

I actually found a non teaching job I like and I can't work because of my visa and the employer can't get the right papers because its complicated (dont wanna get into details).

Anyone with same experience? I don't mind staying a stay at home mom but a job on the side while the kids go to school won't hurt, you know?



I have a job.

One thing I don’t talk too much about here is work. The reasons why are because it’s work, and work is work, and there are plenty of people out there who are more suited to talking about my line of work than I am, and more importantly, I don’t want to talk about work.

I talk with co-workers about work all day in work. It’s work talk. The same work talk that everyone else talks about in work, which usually involves complaining/marvelling over something irrelevant to the rest of the immediate world. It’s not very exciting and the less I have of it the better. Sometimes I talk with Herself about work, and she politely grunts and changes the subject, which I’m grateful for. I do enough talking about work and you don’t deserve, need, or really want to hear me go on about work.

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