Nostalgia for a Despot: an Armchair Perspective of Korea’s Present

The big talking point in the land of the morning calm is undoubtedly the election of the conservative party candidate Park Geun Hye to the presidency. Park’s father is man by the name of Park Chung Hee, whose name is both revered and reviled in Korea. Park Geun Hye is a woman, but more in the vein of Margaret Thatcher, where it could be argued gender is incidental.

Park’s election has sparked plenty of talk due to her relationship with her father who ruled this nation with a very controversial iron fist for the best part of two decades in the 1960s and 1970s. While I didn’t follow the election race in too much depth, I know that Park’s victory ticked all the boxes in terms of surprise, disappointment, doom, and any other negative or positive political emotion you can think up.


Korea and Taiwan Vie for the Lower End of Chinese Markets

Via Jose Areta – and I still don’t know what “the “penalty factor” is – South Korea and Taiwan traded statistical accolades in the Chinese market. But, it’s interesting how South Korea did it.

Citing statistics released by China’s customs authorities, the ministry said Taiwan secured a 8.4 percent share of China’s total imports for the first 11 months of last year, lagging behind South Korea’s 10 percent share.

But Taiwan overtook South Korea in terms of growth in exports to China for the 11-month period, posting a 37.9 percent year-on-year increase to South Korea’s 37.4 percent rise, the ministry said.

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