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Valentine’s Day in Korea (발렌타인 데이!)


The Phnom Penh Post–7D: Cheapening the Experience of Life Abroad


Originally published on TheThreeWiseMonkeys.com

Po Box 1901
Phnom Penh 1200

Alone – A Movie in the Making


Kimchi Oatmeal: the mealtime modifications of a multicultural family

I’ve always been rather open-minded when it comes to food, and my eating habits have changed accordingly since moving to Korea. Marrying a Korean woman has added an extra dose of evolutionary pressure to my eating habits these past few years; likewise, my wife and stepkids have incorporated a lot of foreign foods into their gastronomical universe since I entered their lives. I was recently reflecting on what has changed for them and what has stayed the same as we strive to put a mutually agreeable meal on the table.


Home is where the ________ is


One of the recurring questions I wonder about as an expat is the question of home. How do different people define it? Where is it?

The View from Outside


I’m an American living in South Korea. There are lots of us here: soldiers, businesspeople, teachers and others. Some of us call this place home, whether home for now, home for good, or home for lack of a better word. I’ve been out of the U.S. long enough that my family and friends long ago stopped asking me when I intend to “come home”, meaning, the place where I was born. South Korea is my home, for better or worse.

A Week in Photos #9


Adventures in Parenting Abroad Pt. 4: Please Please Please Reproduce! We’ll Give You Anything You Want!

Daegu Musical Revue: One Last Night


A Week in Photos #8


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