Up Pompeii

A large crowd gathered around a sixty-foot bonfire on a waterlogged beach, tents on the ground nearby, kites in the air, Korea's famous health and safety culture. What could possibly go wrong?

What's Cookin'?

When I was asked if I wanted to attend a 'non-verbal' performance vaguely themed around the idea of cooking for a Korean wedding, it didn't exactly sell me on the idea although I agreed to go. As I gathered it might involve - amongst other activities - drumming with kitchen equipment, my interest was piqued; I'd been to a taiko performance in England and really enjoyed it.

Last Sunset

Cold. That will be my overriding memory of the 2010 Busan New Year Festival.

Christmas Lights

As we entered the main shopping area of Nampodong the hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel echoed around the streets. It was easy to believe for a moment that the sound emanated from one of the many nearby stores, which are never averse to using external speakers to capture the attention of those nearby, but this time the sound had a vastness to it belying a merely local source. Every street lamp for half-a-mile had a speaker, and every one played Emmanuel.


I've never been to see a basketball game before; it's not very popular in England. So I jumped at the chance to see a game in Busan last Saturday afternoon, where judging on the crowd turnout, it isn't very popular either. Which is a shame, because while it doesn't have the epic feel of 30,000 people crammed into Sajik Stadium for a baseball game, being seated closer to the action allows for a much more personal experience.

December 2009 events

December is upon us - amidst the Christmas and New Year seasons are a number of events worth checking out:

11/28 - 12/12 - 'Black Comedy' - A farce written by Peter Shaffer and performed by the Seoul Players. See what happens when Brindsley Miller "borrows" his neighbors fancy furniture to impress his fiancee's father, one Colonel Melkett. Roofers in Itaewon (exit 3, turn right at 'Discovery' store and look on the right, just before the Hive). Fridays at 9pm, Saturdays at 6pm and 9pm, Sundays at 3pm and 6pm. Book tickets at or visit

November 2009 events

November offers plenty of events, although some of them will shift inside thanks to the weather. Thanks goes to and Visit Korea, (BONUS: a PDF with many more events!).

September events calendar

Credit and hat tips go to Korea4expats and 10 Magazine for compiling the excellent events you're about to see.

There will be plenty to see and do in the month of September - and no excuses about the weather being as hot as it was! All events are in Seoul unless otherwise mentioned.

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