36 Ways to Express Emotions in Korean

How to Express Your Emotions in Korean

Life is full of emotions. And expressing them can help you communicate your situation or desire. It’s important to learn how to express emotions in Korean. After all, most conversations involve talking about how you feel at some point. Right?

i'm gutted

That's what P said about leaving and I feel the same.

Last day and my favorite good-bye was this: I taught my favorite student Richard how to give the 'Live Long and Prosper' sign and that is how we said good-bye.

last birthday party and pre-grad

Currently my emotions are constantly fluctuating. I think the reality that I have two weeks left can't sink in most of the time.

Every month we have a birthday party or field trip. It's hard for me to wrap around my head that this was the last one I'll be celebrating with my kids. Anyway, instead of waxing philosophical I'll just post some pictures.

want some cheese with your wine?

Aw, thank you Packers. I owe you one.

Anyway, we went skiing on Thursday. It was a small resort north of Busan called Eden Valley.
In my opinion it was overpriced, but I have never snowboarded before to compare with. Even if I did fall down and it took two hours to get down the slopes, I still had fun!

gwangalli fireworks failed to impress

But in all fairness, I didn't give it a chance. I'd like to see photos from this year, because I became so irritated I left right before the show began.

It was a snowball of negativity for me... I got to Gwangalli at 2 to save a spot on the beach for me and my friends. And I played the waiting game. I didn't really mind. But as time creeps on more and more people showed up. And then a family parks themselves nearly on top of me (calling me a waygook too, which really ticked me off more than anything...)

And so as I'm sitting there, I am stewing. I don't know why I let it get to me so badly today. It's something I usually brush off. But as I scan the crowd for any sign of my friends, I notice that when I spot a foreigner (yes, a waygook) they are always a couple. Or in a large group. And so I think the root of this all is I felt lonely.

breathe in breath out

There will be other falls. Trees will still lose their leaves next year. There will be new places to explore. There will be other seasons too; better summers and better winters. But Fall is always my special time. I want to fall in love, smell the autumn air, discover new places now. I have always loved you Fall. I need to remember that.

There will be more people. Different people. Better people. (Maybe worse! But I've learned what to do in those cases now, right?)

Sometimes I forget. It seems like time here is both interminable and yet it is also flying by. At the moment I feel like this is all there is and will be. Sometimes I want my time here to be over, and sometimes I don't want to leave.

7 months in Korea.



You test the limits of my forgiveness.

Cheater. Liar. Deceiver.

You never deserved my love.

boy's night out

It is extremely difficult being the only female on a boy's night out. I am completely unaccustomed to such crassness. Ugh, sometimes I wish they'd remember was a girl and treat me like it, but I came along of my own free will! So if I hated it I could have left.

But I think it's worth getting out of my comfort zone and doing some male bonding (within reason). I've got a new perspective and understanding on the male species.

J.J*.... you are a huge asshole. And you totally admit it. But I like your honesty. It's brutal. And it's coming from a scumbag, yet I still respect it. Your ex advice was really sound. Thanks man. I never looked at things the way J.J. did.

And thanks P. and Hat. I'm really sad you're leaving P. P gave me a great pep talk. Also, he offered to punch someone's face in. You're aces, kid. The best Brit I've met, nay, will ever meet. You guys were worth the slight hangover at work today.

memories resurface

Summer makes me wistful.

But at least now I am breaking my own heart.

It's been a very long winter this year.

mom's touch of AWESOME

I made hamburgers for dinner and while I was cooking a Canadian cooking show came on the TV (subtitled into Korean, but who cares?! I love cooking shows).

Grabbed some fries at this place Mom's Touch behind my apartment for a side. You know what's wicked? The ajumma gave me my fries in a cup, which she put in another larger cup that was filled with ice and soda. It is like the coolest thing that came from fast food EVER, and all for 2,000 won.

Served with Heinz. You will never be able to take all the Pittsburgh out of me, and my devotion to Heinz is proof of this.

Life is awesome.

And I'm choosing to be happy.

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