e2 visa

3 (Months) is the magic number (of getting out of your contract)

Hi! I need some advice. I'm pretty thoroughly unhappy with my current job and think they might be thinking the same about me and am looking to get out the contract and get another hagwon job here. I met a foreigner in a similar situation a bit ago and she mentioned she was in the same boat, had done some research, and had learned that one must work for one's hagwon for 3 months before attempting to get one's hagwon to agree to terminate the contract WITHOUT starting the visa process from scratch. Tha'ts my biggest concern. I do not want to go back home and will likely be crashing at a friend's if I have any time in between jobs and don't want to have to wait months for all the FBI etc. to get all of my docs sorted. 

Korea Changes E2 Visa Process: FBI Background Check How To

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