DVD Bang


I feel as if I have just absorbed a great work of art. A. and I went to see There Will Be Blood at a nearby DVD Bang, a seedy but effective place (which one could say of the entirety of this country) where you pay about six or seven dollars per person to sit in your own dark little room, on a reasonably comfortable bed with plastic covers and plastic pillows and a thin zebra blanket, with a gigantic high definition television and some very decent speakers not four feet away from your outstretched legs.

The experience is better than most movie theaters, since you don’t have to deal with people on their cellphones, the blue-white glow of text messages, the ceaseless babbling of idiots; you can also spontaneously have sex or masturbate, if the inspiration strikes, as there is a convenient plastic sphere of toilet paper sitting behind you on the bedstead.

Busan's Other Beach - Gwangalli

For reasons that have never quite made sense to me, Busan is perhaps best known for the often crowded Haeundae Beach. Maybe being from a country where amazing beaches are a dime a dozen makes me something of a shore-front snob, but I've never really been that enamored of the unremarkable stretch of surf deprived beach surrounded by smoky Korean night clubs and more sleazy love motels than you can shake a stick at.


Muscle memory and chauvinism on a Saturday afternoon.

“Even if she is a killer, she’s still a woman.  She’ll come around.”

Quote of the weekend from the Korean horror film, BlackHouse.  This film was intended to be background noise to naps in the DVD bang after a day of open air market in Nampo-dong, patio beer at the touristy of tourist restaurants, and freshly severed, still wiggling octopus tentacles with potential to murder us more brutally than the woman in the film.  Yet my feeble sleep attempt in the DVD bang was in vain; this film was far too wonderfully terrible to allow my eyes to part with the subtitles.

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