Honest confession: Sometimes I get drunk. Really drunk. I am not...

Honest confession: Sometimes I get drunk. Really drunk. I am not one to pass out in the streets or go home with cute boys. Nope. Instead, I steal posters and buy junk food at the local convenience store. Then, I sit at home with my newly acquired decor and snacks, so I can message my friends all over the world. I feel like I should hash tag this post as “boring,” but I don’t care; I’m awesome.

Soju Haiku

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Are more than one haiku called haiki? I don’t think so, but I’m too drunk on soju to really care. Imo, another bottle, please! And you might want a few, too, before reading my haiku. (Is more than one bottle of soju called soji?)

Dear Korea #041

Dear Korea #041

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term used in this comic, it’s from a very well known quote that goes a little something like this: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

It basically means that when you’re in an unfamiliar setting, act like those around you. I’m not entirely sure if there’s a saying in Korean that’s similar to that.

Argh, sooo not happy with how this one came out. A not-so-unknown fact about me is that I am really bad at drawing males with little to no hair. I guess exposed scalps and I just don’t get along. Either way, the dude in the picture is a good friend of mine, and it’s his birthday! Yay!

Dear Korea #025

Dear Korea #025

Another one based on (multiple) true events. It didn’t help that it was a work day.

What basically happened was that a drunk man had been outside the apartment I live in, screaming “야!!!” (which translates into an informal version of “HEY!!!”) for about three hours. I think it’s safe to assume that it was over a woman, as there was a very angry looking lady sitting by the window he was yelling towards.

Oh Korean drama. I dislike you on and off the screen.

Daily dose of Korean news

From across the K-blogosphere comes news, views, and other information you might wish to intake.

The Joongang Daily (HT to ROKDrop for first post) tells us about how much police time is spent on drunk people:

According to the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, officers at the city’s
58 police precincts handled 54,925 cases of drunk pedestrians between January
and May, or some 364 cases per day. Handling drunks can take up a third of the
task of an average officer. Police precincts that handle Busan’s most crowded
and busy areas - Seomyeon, Yeonil, Jeonpo - complain that there are so many
drunks that they completely clog up their daily tasks.

The Busan police department estimates that the nation’s police spends at

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