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Grab the last chance to feel the the vibe of “My Love from the Star”

Remember last winter when Do Min Jun and Chun Song Yi were fighting for their love despite the obstacles? One thing that was also on the spotlight was their huge and almost extravagant fancy looking houses. And surprisingly they were all on set, designed to best show the two protagonists’ daily lives.

Luckily enough, you can see it for yourself how Chun Song Yi and Do Min Jun lived. From Do Min Jun’s library to Chun Song Yi’s bedroom, now you can become the protagonist of the big hit drama.

We first went to Do Min Jun’s house.

The Bard in Busan

I know it's the English Major in me, but I love Shakespeare.  Murder, insults, wordplay, cross-dressing, and penis jokes - what's not to love?  Even though I loved Shakespeare in High School- it made me feel super smart.  Having a great professor for my Shakespeare class really did help.  And even last year when a friend at my old job let me borrow her 'Shakespearean insult mug,' I was down right giddy. I mean, who doesn't want to learn lovely old phrases like 'canker blossom'. 

So needless to say I was really excited to go see some of my fellow foreigners, and one cool friend act out a great play, in a lovely location, on a nice summer's day- for free. 

The play is being performed this coming weekend too (the 9th and 10th at 3pm) and I highly recommend seeing it. 

Dear Korea #062 - One Ring to Rule Them All

Dear Korea #062

This one took a little longer than usual to finish, which is why it’s a few hours late. On the bright side, I’m actually okay with how it came out. Gasp! Shock! Awe! Who knows how long that will last?

어머나! = It’s kind of like the Korean version of “Oh my gosh!”

Performance: Shakespeare and @ssholes – OR – A Saturday night in Itaewon

If you live in Itaewon, this might be a totally normal weekend.

I don’t, however – in fact, I’m close to 1 1/2 hours away when you factor in waiting for the buses and such. For better or worse, the foreigner-friendly area serves as a special occasion sort of destination, not a place to party all weekend. Sometimes, though, you start out attending A, then hear about B, C, and D.

Dear Korea #025

Dear Korea #025

Another one based on (multiple) true events. It didn’t help that it was a work day.

What basically happened was that a drunk man had been outside the apartment I live in, screaming “야!!!” (which translates into an informal version of “HEY!!!”) for about three hours. I think it’s safe to assume that it was over a woman, as there was a very angry looking lady sitting by the window he was yelling towards.

Oh Korean drama. I dislike you on and off the screen.

Suicide(s) in Vegas, a play by Evan Placey, World Premiere

Repeats every day until Sun May 01 2011 .
Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 21:00
MW Productions in association with Probationary Theatre Company presents

'Suicide(s) in Vegas'

A World Premiere one-act comedy by award-winning Canadian playwright Evan Placey

A random internet search connects two women who want to end it all, but not alone. Lydia’s an over-commercialized self-help guru. Jane’s a lonely tollbooth collector. But surviving (and dying) are tricky in this dark comedy about the fantastic awfulness that is – Vegas. By Evan Placey, winner of the Tarragon Theatre RBC National Playwriting Competition.

Listings Information:
Venue: White Box Theatre, Hyochang Park stn exit 2
Dates: April 28 – May 1
Times: Thursday @ 9:00pm
Friday @ 9:00pm
Saturday @ 6:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday @ 4:00pm

Destination: Lotus Lantern Festival (2010) - part 1

As in years past, the 연등회 (Yeon Deung Hoe, or Lotus Lantern Festival) is an excellent, if overly touristy, chance to learn more about one of the world's oldest religions. A folk festival that has origins in the Goryeo period continued as the Lantern Celebration in the Joseon Dynasty (광등노리), and continues as a social festival to this day. The religion and reverence, however, seems to get lost amidst the hubbub of making paper lotus flowers, candles, and a hundred other things.

The event started in the afternoon, with dozens of tents offering arts, crafts, and information.

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