Destination: Metapolis (Dongtan, southern Gyeonggi-do)

Author’s note: I credit Seoul Sub>Urban for the inspiration behind a more abstract set of photos.

In the movie Mallrats, our heroes Jay and Silent Bob try to disrupt a dating show filmed in a mall somewhere in suburban America. While Dongtan’s Metapolis didn’t even exist for the 1995 flick, the several floors of stores, ice rink, and food court wouldn’t look too out of place in anytown, America.

Out front is Metapolis’s contribution to modern art – a sphere of colored wires.

Destination: Central Park (Dongtan, Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi-do)

Somewhat like the better-known Central Park in New York, the Central Park in Dongtan features a wonderful variety of accouterments. Being in the middle of high-rise apartment buildings shouldn't look too surprising, of course.

Destination: Dongtan (Hwaseong city, southern Gyeonggi-do)

Who would've thought a staircase could look so fancy?

Take the subway well south of Seoul. When you're not quite sure where you are relative to the capital city, get off. Once you've arrived, go past the huge bus stop where precisely two small buses always seem to be parked. Walk about a block to the main road, and turn right. While a number of buses continue into this relatively rural area south of Seoul, a couple buses make a U-turn to whisk you to another world.

The last burst of fall

Thought I'd share a few pictures from the last burst of fall, my favorite season of the year. Less talk and more pictures this go around:

Let the record show that no Photoshopping was used in these images - the colors come from a polarizing filter and some already vivid colors.

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