Donghae, Chun-gok-dong - Hwajungwon Sauna

The weather in Ulleung Island turned rough and I had a hard time getting a boat back to the mainland. All the ships were canceled on Monday which caused a slight backup in the number of people leaving on Tuesday, and on top of all this Wednesday, being the last day of the holiday, was booked full. I chose to depart the island to a different city than where I arrived from (in lieu of staying an extra 2-3 days) and that's how I wound up in Donghae... thankfully!

Destination: Mangsang Beach (Donghae, Gangwon-do)

Welcome to Mangsang Beach (망상해수욕장). Considered one of the finest beaches on the east coast, there's 1.4 kilometers of sand, 40,000 square meters of camping space, and more than enough salty water. Because the area is such a tourist draw, it isn't the best for peace and quiet - and the Lady in Red and I had a tougher time than usual communicating with the locals.

Destination: Chuam Beach / Chuam Sculpture Park (Donghae, Gangwon-do)

Author's note: trying a slightly different style with this 'Destination' post - feedback appreciated in the comments or by personal e-mail - chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

Destination: Whale Fossil Museum (Donghae, Gangwon-do)

The Donghae Whale Fossil Museum (동해고래화석박물관) is across the street from Mangsang Beach. Seemingly intended to bring in tourists in the same way the biggest ball of string might,

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