If you’re looking for a doctor in Busan for your run-of-the-mill...

If you’re looking for a doctor in Busan for your run-of-the-mill needs, I have one to recommend. She speaks great English and has a kooky sense of humor. Her office is called 조기정내과. Travel to the Kyungsung Univ./Pukyong Nat’l Univ. subway station on line 2. Go out of exit 6 and walk straight. You’ll soon see the Daeyoung Building (대영빌딩) on your right. Her medical office is on the fifth floor. Keep in mind that she usually won’t give medicine for more than 3 days. If you need more meds, she’ll want you to come back for another checkup.

Your first…first

Today was a very special day. It was your first trip to the doctor, even at only 4 weeks and 1 day (we think). You are the little black spot inside of that white oval near the top of the picture.

Your doctor is a nice woman named Dr. Shin. She spoke a little English and gave us a cute book to keep track of your growth (and mine)

She said you were 2mm big. She said, “That dot is your preg.”

We already love you, our Preg.

Your Dad has nicknamed you little elephant (they are for good luck).

He wants to take a picture of you everyday so we can watch you grow.

Today is Day 16 we think.

Physical Checkup question

I need to have a doctor fill out a form validating my health. It's a very general one-page thing that says I have healthy lungs and am capable of living abroad without not dying (which I already am).

It's for another ESL position in Europe next year and the form is in English. I have not been to the doctor here except for my entry-check up when I went with my manager who interpreted for me. I don't want to ask my manager or any coworkers to come with me for this.

My question is: can i just go to any hospital (by myself) and get this done or would I be better off going to a foreigner clinic or something at a University?

Food allergy testing

Does anyone know where I can get tested for food allergies? I think i'm allergic to eggs now and maybe soy. I'm dying over here since I am a veggie and that's all I can eat sometimes. If they speak English, even better but I can bring a Korean friend with me. I live in Busan but would be willing to travel a little bit.

Question from a reader: your rights and the swine flu

A reader writes in with a question many teachers have been wondering about: the swine flu and our rights.

Do you have any idea about what are our rights when it comes to swine flu? Like for example, my friend got sick, and her school made her go to the hospital, where they injected her with multiple things--she has no idea what--and then gave her several unknown drugs to take. A week or so later, she still had a cough, so they made her go back to the hospital, where they gave her Tamiflu, and her school ordered her to take it. I'm not sure how much you know about influenza or Tamiflu.....but that was the most illogical move imaginable. She even got tested for swine flu, and the test says she doesn't have it!

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