An Origin of Korean Discontent

A thought struck me as I was taking a shower before work this morning. With the renewal of tension along the North-South Korean border it’s a sharp reminder of the results of history, and what we’re looking at here, could be considered as one of the final plays in the game of the Great Powers. It, like so many skirmishes before, is taking place in a distant field which effects the lives of people so far away they don’t even look real. Well as one of these people I can assure you that it’s quite real.

Since Korea opened up to outside influence in the late nineteenth century, much like many other small kingdoms, was turned into a pawn in the chessboard of empire building. This process set Korea up to be misused and abused by forces outside their control, and today we are experiencing the continued results of this.

Panmunjom Travel Center Review


If you spend any time as a tourist in Seoul you will no doubt end up on a tour of the DMZ. There are many tours going either to Dorasan Station and the 3rd infiltration tunnel or the JSA. Prices differ and so do the experiences. Panmunjom Travel Center offer a different kind of tour experience and one that is sure to leave you with a better understanding of what the situation is like along the DMZ The main quality that set this tour apart from the many other tours out there is the fact that for part of the tour, you get to travel and interact with a North Korean defector.

The KCC in Mexico

Hi everyone!!

Looks like I'm back and ready to keep on blogging, somehow a few days after I posted about my break I got some inspiration, started editing a video of the WKB Tour from September '12 and decided to make a "Korean Night" at home, a few friends, my sis and I kind of have this new tradition to make a "Country night" everytime one of us Travel.... so far we've only had an "Italian night", a "Vegas night" and next we'll have a "Mochis Night"** and a "Korean Night", we usually make typical food from the place and play some music, I still haven't decided what will I be cooking but I'm sure Kimchi will have a very special place at the table!

Our Weekend: Grim Up North

All the group 1

I'd been looking forward to this weekend for aaages as this was when me and 11 of my favourite people from Busan were headed upto Seoul for a couple of birthday celebrations.

East Coast: DMZ North Korea Goseong Unification Observatory

This is probably the best view you can get of North Korea if like me you're too much of a wuss to go in on an organized tour.

Guarding the DMZ

the north.

My time is dwindling quickly here in South Korea and I am trying to do everything before I leave, a big one on my list being North Korea, or the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone). Some friends and I booked the tour with the USO specifically so we could go to the JSA (Joint Security Area, you know how the military love their acronyms) which is where South Korea, North Korean and American troops occupy and have been in a tense stand off for over 50 years. We got to see North Korea up close, stand in the room which is half in the South and half in the North and experience one side of the story (apparently when the North gives tours of the area, they have a different version, weird.) It was a day that words cannot do justice, something you must see for yourself to fully understand, so I won't try here..

well rounded.

I cannot drink alcohol for a month (don't really want to either, only 4 months left and still so much left to do!) so I have been filling my weekends with plays, festivals, dinners, shopping and sightseeing. Last weekend was the Vagina Monologues, (which I had never seen and it was amazing) and this weekend a friend is starring in Macbeth in Myeongdong so we will spend our Saturday night getting a little culture. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom now so Sunday will be spent outside on Yeoi-do (do=island, this being a small one in the middle of the Han river, connected on the subway line) enjoying the trees and fresh air.. or nuclear fallout from Japan, whatever.

Korea Changes E2 Visa Process: FBI Background Check How To

On 'bad' tourist places - do the DMZ and a templestay belong on the 101 places NOT to see list?

If you're one of those people who really want to know where not to travel, you are now in luck. A new 272-page softcover book 'lowlights' the 101 places not to see before you die. The anti-travel book makes sense, considering how the genre / meme has taken off. From the author's website:

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