When you open your heart and you open your mindflat,550x550,075,f

You might be surprised what you will find

People more willing to say yes than no

A thousand doors to where you want to go


Strange new places, unfamiliar faces

Sprinkled with only the slightest traces

Of home, of the past

Try to make the moment last


Because after you blink

There’s no time to think

Of what you would’ve changed

Left out or rearranged


The present is fleeting

It’s here and it’s gone

Breathe in, the night is greeting

You, breathe out and it’s dawn


Don’t look back, no regrets

Buddhist Mornings, Mountain Discoveries in Gimhae

I noticed a trend this week.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I was in fantastic moods. The kids at school, even the annoying ones, didn’t annoy me so much. I enjoyed work, I enjoyed food, air, sun and exercise.

Thumbs Up

On Wednesday, I felt like a bear getting punched in his testicles.


Awesome Manly Asteroid Blowing Up Stuff

It’s like Carl Sagan has returned in the form of a bald man armed with a laser!

How do we stop an asteroid, one that might impact the Earth in 2036? Boom and tug. Push it a little with a nuke, and then tow it with a satellite a little more, to insure it doesn’t just return the same way in the future.

But, really, watch the episode for the explosions! And, make your wife watch, because it’s really boring for woman to watch guys blowing things up!

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