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Gay Dating in Korea Tip #3: There Will Be Coyness

TKQ is no stranger to the dating world in Korea. Since my big breakup in March (which spurred the creation of this blog), I've seen my fair share of Koreans. Whether it be one night stands, casual dates, lightning blind dates, or investing my emotions in undeserving partners, I've done a lot of Koreans dating in Korea. And one thing that often stands out is a level of coyness upon first meeting.

Obangsaek 's Sogetting Seoul

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Sogetting is a form of dating in Korea in which a friend or acquaintance serves as a matchmaker by setting you up on a blind date. It's the most common way of dating in Korea where it's actually uncommon for someone to directly ask another person out on a date.

Project Obangsaek is devoted to sharing Korean culture with a global community. That's why we've decided to document the subject of Korean-style dating with our contest and documentary web series pilot: Sogetting Seoul. In the contest, our online community will serve as matchmakers as we explore the the culture of dating in Korea.


Women in Korea #1

41:47 minutes (19.12 MB)
Women in Korea #1
May 2, 2010
Participants: Anneth Bun-as, Alex Karpen, Mindy Sisco, & Claudine Williams
Topics: The word 'vagina', The Cheonan and NK Culpability, & Dating Korean Men

Next Webcast: May 9, 8pm

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