When in Seoul ... Dinner with Dance Performance !

As I'm rather short on time these days, here's some brief information about an amazing restaurant in Seoul that serves a fine full table of vegetarian Korean food with all the tables around an open area in the center where, while you eat there are several dance performances. I highly recommend it for a special night out in Seoul.

Here's a Korean language Naver Blog post about it. Dinner is, I believe 45,000won a person but it is well worth it ! Also you need at least 5 people in a group to make a reservation although I think they do make exceptions for 3-4 people possibly... I have put the location on my tea map as well.
Best wishes and do stay steeped !

Knees Up in Sindorim! Seoul Céilí, August 8

You’ll have to excuse this break from regular broadcasting as I’d like to plug an event I’m involved in organising.

For any of you in Seoul, or indeed South Korea over the next few weeks and you’re in need of a good knees up, the Irish Association of Korea will be having their annual Céilí on Sunday, September 8 in Sindorim.

Seoul Céilí: Irish Music and Dance Festival September 8, 2013.

BBoy/BGirl Lessons in Busan?



I'm a female English teacher in the Busan area and I'm looking to meet someone who has at least a little know-how in the art of breaking. I've seen some shows here in the city and I've always been impressed. I'm finally trying to face my fears and just really learn some things myself.

Anyone here that knows of any lessons, dancers, or places to check out? I'm commited to devoting some time and efforts to learning. 



Dear Korea #082 - There's No Need For That

Dear Korea #082

Argh, late again. I do apologize! There’s been so much going on in life, including a bunch of random changes to my very strange schedule. On the bright side, starting in April, updates should be much more regular. The comic might even go back to its old weekly schedule (yay!), though it’s still a little too early too tell.

St Patrick’s Day in Seoul, 2013

If you haven’t heard already, I’m chairman of the Irish Association of Korea, and every year around this time we organise a small get together. You might have heard of it, we call it Saint Patrick’s Day.

I won’t blether on too much about it as my brain is exhausted at the simplest mention of the event, however give this link a click and you’ll find all the info you need about the event.

Hot & Spicy Mexican Night

Saturday, February 4, 2012 - 19:30


Seoul Ceili: Irish Dance and Music Festival 2011

So, some harmless self promotion here on my behalf!

If you have any questions please leave a comment for me and I’ll reply asap.

For the second year in a row the Irish Association of Korea’s will host a céilí in Seoul. This September’s event will take place on September 25th in the new D Cube Center at Sindorim Station (Line 1 & 2). The event will be both a showcase for traditional Irish dance and music and for a chance for the general public to try out some Irish dancing.

Performance: R-16 B-boy show (Olympic Park, Seoul)

Author’s note: it was very hard narrowing this down to 20 photos for this post – for even more, check out this Facebook photo album.

Watch out for spinning feet, headstands, and battles – the B-boys have come to town. Combined with a street market and several walls worth of graffiti contests, this was an all-day venture for some. Now in it’s fifth year – and it’s largest venue.

A weird, fun, weekend – or – Destination: Daegu Colorful Welcome Festival

With Namiseom and the French Village behind us, Kiwiwiwi and I made our way to Daegu, where I was to participate in a singing contest,  specifically at the 국채보상공원 – the National Debt Repayment Park. While the whole singing thing was a great excuse to come down to Daegu, I won’t pass up a chance to relax and enjoy a park.

Destination: Burlesque girls in lingerie (NSFW)

Author’s note: this post is rated NSFW – not all workspaces can handle pretty girls in lingerie. You have been warned.

Yes, I’m fascinated by burlesque. I was while living in the US, and that fascination has recently been stoked (pun, um, not intended) by the girls of Frills & Thrills. This all-expat, all-female group performed in Hongdae on Saturday, and I’m happy to say this show went far better than the previous one I attended. Let the record show that the Lady in Red not only came with me, but dressed properly for the occasion.

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