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Extreme Spelunking (Video)

I briefly did spelunking at the most amateurish and elementary level when I was stationed in California during the 90s. So, Jim Tabor really got me stoked for the ol’ days. One argument neither he nor Jon Stewart made, though, was, that such extreme “caving” could be a much more scientific and efficient use of taxpayer money than NASA-centric manned space flight right now.

Casey Dying at Bat on Stage (Video)

WTF, America! It’s laudable to hold Americans and American shortcomings up to public ridicule during an election year. But, why does it have to take the form of a comic routine? I don’t just mean Jon Stewart’s “tour-de-force“. I mean, why does every form of American public culture have to take the form of a loner facing the camera, the crowd, the odds? The talking head in the studio facing the camera isn’t Casey at bat! Or, a stand-up comedian bombing on stage.

And, can anyone tell me why Nikki Haley deserves this free advertising?

Americans need more pugilistic and football references in their political culture!

The Daily Show Does the Cheonan Incident (Video)

I might as well add my gripes about Jon Stewart’s monologue on the Cheonan Incident. I apologize, I’m still studying for an exam.

But, really, why do we need Korean War footage and Klinger clips, to add humor to this incident? If any South Korean living now has any recollection of M*A*S*H, it’s negative. And, of course, the two Koreas are at war. But, in 2010, neither Korea is the same state that in 1950 began that debacle, and the relationship between the two has evolved as well. It’s just not the framing I would prefer for this comic sketch. The blogosphere is weathering the crisis with skepticism and hard questions about regional stability, proliferation, unification, and China’s role in the world. Get on the right page, Jon!

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