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My dad came to Korea for a very short visit. I had to work...

Dear Dad

Dad and NathanDear Dad,

In ten hours I’ll be on a plane to Korea. At the moment, the only thing that amazes me more than that fact is your boundless love and support. Where ever my passions have called me, you have been a constant force of guidance and encouragement. No words are good enough to adequately express how much that means to me, and how lucky and proud I feel to be your son.

Letter from Korea, November 2013


Suwon, South Korea
November 2013

Dear Ireland

My dad sent me an excellent care package from home. It’s not...

My dad sent me an excellent care package from home. It’s not anything I ever expected, but I am so grateful for my amazing dad. Sure, he sent me dried seaweed, but that’s just his funny sense of humor. I miss and love him every day.

With this, here are some ideas I have for an awesome care package for an American female teacher working in South Korea. In no particular order…

A Letter to My Seven Month Old Daughter


Dear +1,

Look at you with your smiles and shitty nappies, you are the world too me. You may not realise it as you are undoubtedly focusing on something you just saw and must now touch, but it’s true, you mean so much to me.

I am writing to you today as I wish to part with some advice. As you are young it is hard for you to understand much, and as you are young it is your natural inclination to believe that you are 100% correct about everything. If the truth be told you will not learn the fallacy of this until you are, well probably close to your own deathbed many years from now.

Costco Busan!

There was a time in my life where the thought of making a day trip to Costco would have been met with a laugh and a face smack. But, those days are gone….long gone…so gone in fact that Nicole and I actually left a beach party early just so we knew we would have enough time to slowly peruse each and every aisle of the wholesale shopping uberstore.

Located not far from centum city but in a very odd backstreet part of town, the Costco logo drew nearer to us on our cabby’s gps and so did our excitement…no really, its not fluff, we were amped. Look, i’m legit amped here.

Deerfield Beach

No trip to Florida would be complete with out a venture over to the beach. On both sides (the Gulf and the Atlantic) you have choices. On this day we decided to head to Deerfield beach, which brought back memories.

new ink

It's true what they say, tattoos are addictive and here's my number 3.

daddy's girl.

Can't believe it has been two years...
You are still loved and missed ♥

-love your baby girl

For You, Pops

He had a heart as big as a truck and a laugh that could move a house. This was a hearty, sonic boom of a laugh, drawn from a seemingly endless well of mirth. It was released most often around the dinner table (where pops was the happiest), suddenly erupting and literally shaking the room. The man had an unstoppable joy, a playful, joking spirit that really had a life of its own. He laughed, teased, prodded and razzed, all the way until the end. So it should come as no surprise that my father was, in part, a mighty jester. After all, he was born on April 1st.

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