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Promote Control

For the last little while I have been putting some serious thought into doing some time lapse photography. I was also thinking of how I could add in my own personal taste for HDR. While watching a recent episode of D-Town TV they talked about the Promote Control and how you could use it to improve your HDR by increasing the amount of exposures that you can take. When I researched the Promote Control I found that it not only does HDR but time lapse as well. Suffice to say that I started drooling at once.


I was just watching episode 80 of D-Town TV and RC mentioned this new site that popped up for photographers, called 500px. Now initially I thought to myself “oh another photo-sharing site that is trying to copy flickr” and then when he mentioned about the quality of the photos and I thought “ah yes another site made up by camera-snobs who hate HDR and will rip apart your photos should you dare upload any” but then I took a look at the site and was impressed.

My 40 Photos

So the other day I wrote about an assignment to shoot 40 shots using a single lens and no zoom. I must admit, I really was happy with the response as a number of people commented about taking up the challenge and I look forward to seeing the result. I found this assignment very fun and challenging. Like they said on D-Town TV, it does get challenging to come up with different shots after you shoot about 20 or so frames.

For this project I chose a traditional Korean sword that I got when I was training in the Korean Martial art of Kuk Sool Won. This is a single-edged straight blade, unlike the more curved Japanese-style swords that most people are familiar with. It also has the traditional mother of pearl inlay on the “kal-jib” or scabbard which is particularly like.

40 shot assignment

Have you have stuck on a prime lens and forced yourself to strictly use it with out reaching for the wide-angle or your telephoto? Have you ever taken 40 different shots of the same subject using the same lens? Ready for a challenge?

I was recently watching D-Town TV and they gave out an assignment for their final episode of the season. The assignment is to shoot 40 different pictures of a single subject. That is not for an event or of a place… just a single subject.  Also zooming is not allowed, you must lock-down the zoom or use a prime lens.

So lets take a Korean spin on this and try and shoot 40 different shots of a Korean subject. Think about things that define the Korean Culture, choose one and photograph it. The ideas coming of the top of my head are:

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