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Korea Q&A: Racism, Girl Judo, Meds, CRC, Typhoons

Taking a few to answer some questions and comments I've received from my YouTube channel and blog.  Thanks to those who wrote them into me.

1. Racism in Korea
2. Prescription medications
3. Are there any women in judo?  Is judo expensive?
4. What is typhoon season like in Korea? Is it anything compared to hurricane season in the US?
5. How long does CRC take?

Passport, and Visas and CRCs...Oh My!

Many people have questions about the processes for obtaining your passport, Visa, and Criminal Record Check in order to travel abroad to teach English.  For those interested in coming to Korea, I try to touch on the details of each of the processes.

Getting your Visa and Criminal Record Check (CRC) can be tedious and time consuming.  Plan wisely, prepare your documentation carefully, and get started ASAP.  You'll be glad you did in the end.

I hope it is helpful.  Even more, I hope to see you here soon.

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