Art Event: "Before the Dawn of Language. There Was the Symbol"

Seeing My Art on Display

Yesterday I went to the UPlus gallery / cafe at the LG UPlus building near Seoul Station. I made my out of exit 11 and found myself up against a late winter wind.

Kolleen Park Melody

I am thinking of making and submitting something to the contest. But I really feel like I don't know who Kolleen Park is enough to produce something sincerely. So I am doing research, and started with a youtube search.

"Togethership with Kolleen Park" Open Art Contest

The Artpoli group has put together their first art contest on their website. Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam & Artpoli hold the [Togethership with Kolleen Park – Open Art Contest] sponsored by Shinhan Bank. In this smart and social art event, artists apply works online at Artpoli, and popular works voted by viewers will be exhibited offline at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam.

Destination: Seoul Design Fair (2010)

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