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Comics and Grub

Amongst the many changes that occur in Seoul, often times a subway station can transform itself. Attached to Line 3's Hongik Station is a transfer route to the AREX (Airport) line. I know this because I was making my way to Exit 5, and had to go through this very clean and polished tunnel.


For some reason, I never bothered to ask, I have Monday off tomorrow. Yesterday,  I went to Noksapyeong with the goal of going to an art and music event. When I got there I was very hungry and took the photo above.

I thought I would eat at the place called, Fat Panda, but couldn't find it. I ran into someone familiar and they told me it had closed down. So instead I ate at Buddha's Belly Take Out. A smaller version of the real thing over in Itaewon. It was good, but a bit too salty.

Gallery Golmok Art Bazaar

Every first and third Sundays Gallery Golmok hosts an Art Bazaar. It is where you can browse their galleries but also enjoy arts and crafts for sale in the alley area. In case you didn't know this gallery is located in Itaewon near the Noksapyeong side. Tucked in an alley-way with colorful walls is also a cafe.

 On display were works by the artist Cho Dae Hee that seemed to glorify the symbol of Nike and basketball. The technique and materials used certainly allowed me to take pause and give a second look.

A Possible Cure for Korea's Public Art

If you travel enough around Seoul you start to notice large steel sculptures in front of corporate buildings. At first they look interesting, but after the fiftieth time you start to think it is just some kind of contest.

I found an article that talks about some kind of street artist covering up corporate sculptures. Some kind of new trend.

Fetish Sketch Night

I have been craving to get to one of the many drawing classes offered here in Seoul. So finally I packed my sketchbook and headed to Cheongrangyi to the Big Green Studio. Here they were having the second session of "Fetish Sketch Night."

There was a costumed French model, who had a great figure and was fun to draw. First there were a series of short poses and then a session of one long pose. I left after the first session so didn't catch the second costume.

KIAF 2011

You wouldn't know there were so many galleries in Korea until you stepped into the Korean International Art Fair.  Dozens of galleries representing Korean artists were set up at the festival along with many more from other nations.

Preliminaries to the Seoul Drum Festival

Performance Art in the Subway Cars: Dongdaemun to Incheon

Performance Art is one of those areas of the art world that you either like or dislike. As for myself, the more zany and out of this world the more I am intrigued to watch. But I know for those uninitiated Performance Art can look like just a bunch of crazy people acting nuts. However, it is a medium of art that is so close to the human experience, that a painting or sculpture just can't radiate.

The Tate's glossery page describes the medium like this:

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