Cosplay and Cartoons at Seoul Comic World

There's no doubt that cartoons are loved all around the world.  Comic books and animated television shows conjure up images of childhood, Saturday mornings, and spent allowances.  Yet, there are few places where cartoon culture is as prevalent as Eastern Asia.  In Korea, comics are taken to a whole new extreme.


Queen Serenity

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Chatacter: Queen Serenity
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Comic World July 2012

Final Fantasy XIII


Organization XIII – Xaldin, Roxas and Riku

SG104839 SG104796 SG104803 SG104814 2012-05-06- 단 - 001 2012-05-06- 단 - 002 2012-05-06- 단 - 003

Chatacters: Organization XIII - Xaldin, Roxas and Riku
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Comic World May 2012

Lineage 2

lineage2 SAM_4811 SAM_4906

Chatacter: Lineage Elf
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Photorising

More from Comic World.

Comic World was a blast, as usual, and we saw a lot of familiar faces again. The comic book setup was bigger than last month and there were more than 1,000 cosplayers.  I was number 1652! We were supposed to meet everyone around 11, but it ended up being around noon since I was up half the night trying to curl my wig. I realized after an hour of trying to curl it that it was, in fact, heat resistant and I could just use the curling iron. However, it was REALLY heat resistant and I just couldn’t curl it the way I wanted to with the amount of time that I had. I don’t normally style wigs, or even my own hair, so it was an experience.

Lightning, Vanille and Snow

ff13 ff13-2 ff13-3 ff13-4 ff13snow ff13vanille

Chatacter: Lightning, Vanille and Snow
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Comic World February 2012

Our friend wanted to cosplay Lightning, so Dan and I thought it would be fun to cosplay two of the other characters from the same game. I’m not a huge fan of Vanille, but I enjoyed cosplaying her. Dan pulled Snow off pretty well, I was shocked that the blonde wig looked good on him. I could never imagine him with blonde hair before, but now all of the ladies in the office think he should dye his hair.

Anyway, these costumes took a few weeks to make. Finding a store that sold enough beads for Vanille was really difficult, but I got lucky and found a huge bag of assorted colors at an art store in Seomyeon. Vanille’s skirt and top were easy to make, but I wish I made more of an effort to make them fit better. Vanille has a lot of little things on her costume, so it was hard for me to keep myself organized. We made a lot of trips to the fabric stores, because there would always be one thing I would forget to buy.

Dan’s costume was relatively easy to make. I’ve never made such a big coat before, but it was really no different than anything else I’ve made before. However, I really struggled making the vent for the back of the coat. I looked up tutorials, videos, etc and still couldn’t completely figure out how to properly make a vent with lining. In the end, I just made up my own method and it seemed to work out pretty well.

Dan made my weapon out of hard foam board and a clay-like material, but I can’t recall the name of the stuff. He put it together two days before the convention and I was sooo happy with it.


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Chatacter: Lightning
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Connecticon 2010

I started making this before I played the game or even had a Playstation 3. I just really loved her look and she, for once, wasn’t another annoying female character that Square has continuously made before. My sewing skills were starting to get better, so this costume felt relatively easy to make. Except for the shoes, I made everything – even the belts. The jacket has a bunch of seams in the back, so I could make it fit perfectly.

The wig was bought pre-styled on ebay. I made the sword with Dan’s help, we used wood for the sword and Foamies for the little details. The shoulder armor was made out of Wonderflex.

Connecticon was a blast, especially while cosplaying a Final Fantasy character. I met two other girls dressed up as Lighting and a bunch of other characters from FFXIII. Everyone kept asking me where I bought my costume, so I felt pretty proud of myself to be able to tell them that I made it.  Everyone was super nice and I was able to partake in the Final Fantasy photo shoot, so I was super excited to be able to cosplay with a large group of people.

Princess Peach and Luigi


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