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101 Guide to 11 Must Have Korean Cosmetics


South Korea is known for its beauty. We’re talking known known. People from all over the world flock to Korea in an effort to achieve the flawless skin of so many K-pop stars and actors. You wanna know how it’s done? An impeccable skin care routine. Korean cosmetic stores line the streets of Seoul like no other. There are literally 4 or 5 on each block brimming with the latest skin care innovations and make up.

Spending and Saving in South Korea

What's In My Memebox: Superbox #33 Collagen Cosmetics

Those that follow Seoul Searching may already be familiar with Memebox from my previous post. For those of you that have yet to be introduced to this brilliant service, Memebox is a Korea-based cosmetics company that is allowing the world to experience the wonder that is K-beauty one delivery at a time.

Preparing for a Korean Goodbye: Don’t leave my friends out of this.


Time is running out, so please stop saying, “Yeah, we will have to do that some weekend.” I have exactly 6 weekends left in Korea and each is pretty much full from 8pm on Friday until late Sunday afternoon. I am lucky in that many of my friends in Korea are also leaving close to my departure date. Most of us are in a rush to eat lots of kimchi, find Psy socks to bring home and most importantly soak up each others awesomeness before some depart for homes scattered all over the globe and others remain in Korea. And oh yeah, I still have to find the confidence to make a jjimjilbang date. Umm, a little help please?

Nail Wrap

I don’t usually grow my nails and apply nail polish, because I don’t have the time and the skill to “design” my nails. Besides, my husband doesn’t like “long varnished nails”, but I have always wanted to have those long beautifully manicured nails. A few weeks ago, I saw these very pretty nail designs in a shop called Olive Young in Sorae, so I thought, “Why not grow my nails a little and paint them just for Christmas?” Last Christmas, I had a free manicure from Face Shop, and my nails looked nice, so I kinda thought of ”pampering” my nails at least every Christmas (and New Year). ^^

Nature Republic’s Extreme Black Easy Eyeliner

Queer Links from the Week

Asian Beauty Secrets with author Dr. Marie Jhin

Filmed January 19, 2012

Dr. Marie Jhin, author of 'Asian Beauty Secrets: Ancient and Modern Tips from Japan, Korea and China' discusses the history of beauty in the Far East and shares centuries-old customs and timely tips and treatments for health and beauty. This discussion was moderated by Vivian Lee, Anchor at NY1.

For more information, please visit the link below:


Cast: The Korea Society

Tags: Dermatology, Beauty, Korea and Health

Oh, Korea! The Joy of Korean Make-up



Yesterday was a bit of a bummer. I walked home for lunch, during a rain storm. Arrive at my apartment to find that I had left my keys on my desk. I returned to work, and back again to my apartment. Ugh. Then my 6th graders were not being cooperative, and really looked at me with such disinterest that I wanted to throw my hands in the air. But I survived the day, and I remembered that Grizzly had been knocking over my make-up basket and in the process my mascara had disappeared so maybe to cheer up I would do a bit of shopping.

I spent 34,000 won = $31.36

In addition to the items below I picked up a nice pair of linen pants from Uniqlo for 10,000w. Uniqlo is a Japanese company that is a mix between Gap & H&M.  It is the best store I have found in Korea.

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