You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m still Instagramming away. The topic has changed, of course, and as has my user ID. Seeing as I’m no longer in Korea being Conzie in Korea just didn’t seem right, so after a night of brainstorming and the convening of a focus group I decided that the […]

The Beautiful People – HBC Fest, May 2011

This is the another of many photo-diaries to come from the recent May edition of the HBC Fest. I thought I’d do something different and show as many crowd pictures From the Fest as possible. Plenty of music to follow, don’t worry.

I like to use the three-fingered-claw method for holding my phone. You?


I now have a twitter account. You can find out what I have to say – mostly sharing photos and news articles for now – if you can find my account – ConzieSays.

I’m sure there’s all sorts of twitter lingo, but I couldn’t be arsed with it at the moment I only want to use twitter as a means of reaching a wider audience. Apparently people are too lazy to look for things themselves these days – facebook is a perfect example and I’m not sure if twitter is much better or worse. It’s probably both in equal measure…

So @ConzieSays is where you’ll find me.

P.S. Still piled up with magazine articles, including The Three Wise Monkeys, but it should all work out in the end :)

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