Dear Korea #136

I feel like this is one of those situations that many of us with immigrant parents experienced, but it may just be how things were where I grew up. As a child, I actually didn’t understand why my mother would get frustrated when people felt the need to compliment me on my ability to speak English (both in America and Korea), even after she had told people that I was born and raised in Texas. I always assumed that everyone was just being extra nice, even if I had to deal with things like automatically being placed in ESL classes simply because of how I looked. Even now, it doesn’t really bother me as much as it bothers other people I know, though it is a little awkward to remind some of my friends’ parents and grandparents that I’m a legal American citizen every time I see them. I can only imagine what the opposite scenario is like for those who were born and/or raised in Korea..

Dear Korea #117 - Bed, Bath, & Beyond Help


The situation in this week’s strip is one I haven’t actually dealt with in a long time. Still, when I first came to Korea, it was a mess. Even the little Korean I knew didn’t do much to help.

I think this is a problem a lot of expats deal with on a regular basis. It’s what initially stopped me from purchasing any form of technology here, as I was constantly worried that I wouldn’t know how to use it. Having a friend to explain how it works helps, but those language limitations really get in the way whenever something goes wrong.

I’ve been trying to improve, but it’s taking so much longer than I had hoped. Luckily, a peek into a couple of translating apps have done wonders in terms of helping me figure things out.

Dear Korea #097 - A Real Southern Girl


Ahhhh! Three strips away from hitting a hundred! I don’t know what to do with myself!!

Anyways, here’s another look into my awkward past as a Korean-American. The situation presented here is probably one that many Asian-Americans have dealt with on multiple occassions. It definitely doesn’t help that I was in a small neighborhood in Texas that had no other Korean families for miles. I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese (some people are still banking on this one), Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, and so on. It’s something you kind of had to get used to back then. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious of the kids who get to grow up in a society that knows where and what Korea is nowadays, but it was pretty fun exposing people to my relatively unknown culture.

Dear Korea #090 - Sorry for the Wardrobe Malfunction


Argh, how embarrassing. Not only did I miss last week’s update (here’s a silly, sad comic to make up for it), but this week’s is also late. If it helps, I’ve been suffering all morning with a wicked case of food poisoning that was brought on by delivery fried chicken from last night. The betrayal hurts so much worse than the tummy ache.

Dear Korea #087 - Never Surrender

Another week, another comic. Yay!

First off, I do hope that this does not come across as condescending to any of my Korean readers who happen to be in the process of learning English. If anything, the purpose of this strip is to send the opposite message.

Every so often, especially when I’m out with my foreigner friends, I’ll approach a Korean who wants to try his/her English abilities with me. Though not everyone is a fan of this, I personally love it. The downside is that I often get too excited, and I tend to speak very quickly (and loudly) when I’m excited. This usually scares the poor Korean away, leaving me wanting to chase after them while screaming “LET ME LOVE YOU”. To everyone I’ve scared away, I’m so sorry.

Dear Korea #086 - This is Just a Drill?

Time for another comic! Yay! I’m currently considering doing some giveaways and/or contests to get a little more love for this comic. If I were to do such a thing, what sort of stuff would you guys want to see? Please do keep in mind that I am a very poor artist, so fancy things like iPads would probably be out of the question. Trust me, I would if I could!

I recently discovered that nationwide air raid drills aren’t exactly uncommon in South Korea. As someone who can’t exactly read Korean news sites, it’s always a bit of a surprise whenever I see/hear it happening. Though some have told me that it’s a monthly event, it only seems to happen down here where I live at random times (usually when North Korea gets a little too uppity).

Dear Korea #082 - There's No Need For That

Dear Korea #082

Argh, late again. I do apologize! There’s been so much going on in life, including a bunch of random changes to my very strange schedule. On the bright side, starting in April, updates should be much more regular. The comic might even go back to its old weekly schedule (yay!), though it’s still a little too early too tell.

Dear Korea #069

Dear Korea #069

I apologize if this comic is a little difficult to understand. You actually have to watch a fair amount of Korean television to really get it. I’ll try to explain.

Tea for the Day

Oh living in a foreign country where you don't understand the language fully. 
Yesterday I had two of my awesome Korean friends over to come see my new apartment, and to spend some time together.  Since I still don't have much to eat or drink stocked up in my kitchen I ran down to the convenience store for some snacks and some tea.  They didn't have any black tea, just green and barley, but I prefer black so I was looking for something comparable. 

Dear Korea #060 - Obligatory Korean Poses

Dear Korea #060

If you’ve ever seen any photographs of Koreans ANYWHERE, this comic should be nothing new to you. It’s no secret. Koreans (as well as many other Asians) love to pose for the camera. It’s gotten so out of control that there are multiple websites and videos out there dedicated to these strange, yet fun poses.

The very last pose is one I never really saw until I came to Korea. Someone said it was supposed to be like cat paws, but who knows? The panel and pose were largely inspired by this hilarious YouTube video featuring a friend of mine. I suggest you go watch it now for a good laugh.

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