Dear Korea #097 - A Real Southern Girl


Ahhhh! Three strips away from hitting a hundred! I don’t know what to do with myself!!

Anyways, here’s another look into my awkward past as a Korean-American. The situation presented here is probably one that many Asian-Americans have dealt with on multiple occassions. It definitely doesn’t help that I was in a small neighborhood in Texas that had no other Korean families for miles. I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese (some people are still banking on this one), Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, and so on. It’s something you kind of had to get used to back then. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious of the kids who get to grow up in a society that knows where and what Korea is nowadays, but it was pretty fun exposing people to my relatively unknown culture.

Dear Korea #096

Anyone who has lived in Korea in the past two years or so should probably know exactly what store and which song this comic is referencing. For those of you that don’t, click here and enjoy. Be warned. It’s terribly catchy.

While hearing this song for the entirety of my shopping trips was a little strange at first, I eventually grew to love it and even started looking forward to it. What can I say? It puts me in a great mood for no real reason. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who feels this way. I just know a number of friends and I were a little heartbroken when they changed the song over the past few years to something more generic and pop-friendly.

I suddenly want to go shopping for groceries I don’t need now…

Dear Korea #095 - Seriously. Stop It


Hey readers! In case you don’t follow me on Facebook for one reason or another, I was away on vacation for the past couple of weeks. This is why the updates have been rather…lacking. Now that vacation time is over, it’s time to get back to work. Boo.

During my vacation, a couple of friends of mine that I used to work with back when I was living stateside decided to take a family trip to Seoul. Since I tend to get unreasonably happy and excited whenever someone from home visits, I sent them essay long tips on traveling in Korea and went up to the big city for a few days to spend time with them while showing them around (even though this resulted in us getting lost multiple times).

Dear Korea #094 - How Do You Like Them Apples?


Happy Monday! I’m sure the majority of you living in Korea might be busy on vacation right now, but for those of you that aren’t, I hope you dig the new comic!

Maybe it’s because it’s hot out, but I’m learning very quickly just how quickly fruit can go bad when it’s out of the fridge. Even when I keep my produce chilled, nothing seems to last very long. Some people have told me that this is because of how organic things are around here. I guess that would make sense, seeing how most of the stuff I buy happens to be from local farmers. Still, it makes things very sad and stinky when I’m gifted with a box of apples that won’t last much longer than a couple of days.

Dear Korea #093 - Chop, Chop

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I swear I’m not a bad friend!! I just tend to get distracted easily..

One problem I’ve seen a lot of my obvious foreigner friends come across is the struggle of trying to get a decent haircut at local salons. This is something I have yet to experience too much myself, but that’s probably due to me having the exact same haircut for the past ten years or so. Since different people have different types of hair, this can be problematic for the poor stylists who only have experience with one type of hair. Heck, even I don’t completely understand how all of that works.

Happy Anniversary!

Hey readers! This week, instead of a comic, you get to see what I made as an anniversary gift for my very special guy. The actual day was yesterday (technically today in the states), but I figured it would be best to let him enjoy it first before posting it on the internet.

It’s kind of weird to see how much people can change in a little less than a decade, huh? As for me, I don’t think I’ve changed much. If anything, I’ve just learned to hide the ultra nerdy fangirl a little better. That being said, I can totally see why I was picked on when I was younger. I’m pretty sure I’d pick on younger me as well.

Dear Korea #092 - Some Things are Better Left Alone

Oh jeez, I hope you guys don’t hate me yet. I do apologize for being a couple of days late with this strip. You know how us old people get. I’m already starting to lose track of time.

Birthday Blues


I think I should start off by saying that my birthday is actually on Wednesday (not today) this year. Still, I almost forgot that it was even happening until a few nights ago. So much for planning a slumber party. Wait, do people still do that? Is it bad that I still want to do that?

For anyone that knows me, I have an odd habit of creating some sort of self-deprecating picture at around this time every year. I figured I could share it with all you awesome readers, just because. I was accused of using it as an opportunity to do a “lazy” comic…which is not entirely wrong. I do apologize.

Dear Korea #091 - Running Through the Monsoon


Starting this week, I’ll be picking up some extra work in hopes of making some extra cash (at least for this month). While I’m hoping that this doesn’t mean awkward/late updates, I’m just writing this now as a warning. I’ll try to be good!

Korean summers are sometimes better known as monsoon season. When you’re not fighting off the dreaded heat, you’re probably getting caught up in rain somewhere. According to the weekly forecast in my area, it’s supposed to rain for the next five days. Boo.

Dear Korea #090 - Sorry for the Wardrobe Malfunction


Argh, how embarrassing. Not only did I miss last week’s update (here’s a silly, sad comic to make up for it), but this week’s is also late. If it helps, I’ve been suffering all morning with a wicked case of food poisoning that was brought on by delivery fried chicken from last night. The betrayal hurts so much worse than the tummy ache.

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