Make an one-of-a-kind handkerchief by natural dyeing

Natural dyeing is one of the oldest Korean traditions that harmoniously blend nature into daily lives. Using ingredients like persimmon or anil (a plant used to make an indigo color), people have produced fabrics in many different delicate colors. Even though most of dyeing process has been replaced by factories’ machines using artificial chemicals, a number of people have passed down the traditional way of dyeing.

Jaebin H, one of our Trazy users, succeeded in dyeing a handkerchief with a beautiful color. Why don’t we follow her footsteps of the handkerchief dyeing?


Wild Ride

Buddhist Colors

Troubled Water

Getting the Shot 9: Sinbok Rotary

Bright lips of summer

Film Drop: Kodak Portra 120 +400nc


I shot some color film while down in Busan. I’ve been on a monochrome kick lately and haven’t been able to find a place to collect these images. I thought I would post them here. I really love the tones on the portra, especially at the seashore. As an after-note I have some Superia from the ultra wide and slim that I’ll post after.
blog: film drop- color

Colorful Korea

Odd one out

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