Vendors of Jangsangpo

An elderly lady selling fish in Jagalchi Busan elderly lady hanging fish Long days in the cold weather does not seem to bother this lady. fresh hot eel heads for sale taking a break A man sharpens knives in Jagalchi Market in Busan, South Korea looks delicious

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I have such a terrible cold. >.< Anyone have any special cold remedy tips?

안돼!!!!!!! 감기에 걸렸어요. 왜?!

Getting Cold Feet

tumblr_nfb7535Tbv1sp1jbao1_500Leaving behind everything that is safe and familiar to move across the world is a big decision, not to be made lightly. The list of pros and cons can seem endless, but it’s important to consider them all so you can make the right choice for yourself. After all, there’s only one thing worse than getting cold feet after you’ve already taken the plunge…and that is…actually getting cold feet!

A Korean Winter Mystery

The past couple of weeks have seen the temperature drastically drop to below freezing- winter, along with a hefty lot of snow, has officially arrived. As such, the coats are back out, everyone is dressed up in their warming, winter gear. But there is one big difference between Koreans and foreigners and how they wear their winter clothes, and it’s something which puzzled me last year and has remained a mystery until now: why do (99% 0f) Koreans wear their coats inside?

My Winter Survival Kit

Undol -v- Radiators

In a classroom I teach in the heating hasn’t been working since who knows when. It has probably been broken since the summer. It’s one of those awful heaters that doubles as an air-conditioner, blowing out dry, heated air, in the winter, and flimsy puffs of cool in summer. Yesterday, I was sitting at a desk rubbing my knees and grimacing one of those ‘oh well you know’ friendly kind of faces towards the students who came in wrapped for artic exploration. I actually felt sorry for them because at least I could stand up and walk around for a little warmth.

I turned to one student, who I knew had lived in the UK for several years and proclaimed ‘what we need here are some radiators!’ to which she gave me a blank look. I remonstrated with her, trying to job her memory to which she replied ‘I prefer undol’. And I thought, ‘oh yeah…but no…’

Dear Korea #101 - When Will the Biting Stop?


I haven’t been able to sleep during the past few nights, thanks to a couple of extra strength suckers that found their way into my room. I keep searching, but they know just where to hide until it’s time for me to sleep. I will continue to search until vengeance is mine.

Seriously though, it’s getting nice and cold outside. Aren’t mosquitoes supposed to be gone by now? I’m convinced that Korea is full of super mosquitoes that are powered by the same thing that keeps old men drinking into odd hours of the night..

Anyways, yay for a new comic! I made a couple of formatting changes to the strip itself, but everything else should be okay! Feel free to point out any glaring mistakes, as I haven’t slept in quite some time.

How to Stay Sane Until Spring (Korean Winter, we’re through.)


We were all warned about it (weren’t we?) so we all prepared appropriately. I made sure to put the car in the basement of our apartment complex and dusted down my big ould boots that I reserve for weather like this. Most importantly, I made sure that my phone had a full battery because I knew that this day was going to be a busy day, snowmagedon was on its way.

Last Wednesday Korea got its first real good dose of snow, and by Korea I mean the entire penninsula and not just the east coast and mountains. From around mid-day until six o’clock it snowed pretty heavily, and by the time it had stopped snowing I hadn’t taken half as many photographs as I had hoped I would.

Dear Korea #061 - Officially Sick of the Cold

Dear Korea #061

I love the cold much more than I should. When you take into consideration that I’m from Texas, it makes even less sense. That being said, I think I’m kind of ready for winter to be over now.

Spring in Korea is quite lovely, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that it needs to hurry up. Yes, its arrival will probably lead to my allergies acting up like they never have before (they only act up when I’m in an Asian country), but at least I won’t have to wear my jacket anymore. I’m even willing to take hoodie weather at this point.

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