Coffee Shops

39. – 42. Na-Neun Coffee, Cafe Corea, Best Beans, Cafe Cantata (Busan)

Na-neun Coffee. Or, in English,
Na-neun Coffee. Or, in English, “I am coffee.” Located on the way to Gwanganli Beach, this independent coffee shop has a warm interior, coffee academy classes and a lot of bean varieties.

35. – 38. Green Bean, Cafe Byul, Nidor Coffee, Coffee # (Gimhae)

Green Bean. Green exterior. Appropriate.
Green Bean. Green exterior. Appropriate.
Cafe Byul.  </div>

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30. – 34. NY Hotdog & Coffee, Waffle & Caffe, Cupcake & Coffee, Cafe DOU, Ruban Coffeebible (Busan, Gimhae)

Sometimes, coffee is just not enough.

Some prospective business owners recognize this and decide to add something else to the mix, in hopes of attracting a wider audience, whether that’s hot dogs, cupcakes, or the Lord above.

25. – 29. Caffe Pascucci, Hands Coffee, Coffeesmith, Cafe Nada, Babeans (Gwangan, Busan)

Once upon a time, expat revelry (not to be confused with L’revelry) revolved mostly around Haeundae Beach and the famously-wealthy district surrounding it. Today, it remains a popular destination for foreigners, offering many varieties of food and drink, both Korean and western-owned-and-designed (as well as a dizzying multitude of coffee shops. Soon, soon). Not to mention Burger King.

24. L’Revelry (Random Weekly Review)

There are real people behind the many, many, many coffee shops that line the streets of South Korea.

Recently, I noticed the closure of a cafe owned by a friend and former associate of Wart’s here in Gimhae. I had planned to get a photo of it and even do one of these “RWR’s” for it because of its personal connection, as well as its Konglish-y name, (which I won’t mention here. Why kick the coffee cup when it’s empty?). Now, in place of yet another coffee shop, will be yet another barbecue restaurant (it seems). Hopefully, Wart’s friend did not lose a lot of money from the business venture. But, I have to imagine at least something was lost.

I thought about this when I popped into L’Revelry after work today.

20. – 23. Cafe Sweet Coax, Cafe Tirol, The Caffe, Yellow Coffee (Gimhae)

Here are a few of the coffee shops I can walk to. Some, like Cafe Sweet Coax, are close enough that I could walk to all the time if I was in love with their coffee. Others, like Yellow Coffee, may be a bit too far for a last second decision, but are still close enough if I cannot resist having a little color with my caffeine.

16. – 19. Caffe Bene, Caffe Yam, Cafe Aslan, Nudge 5 (Jangsan, Busan)

This weekend I took a trip out to see my lovely and talented girlfriend, Wart, in Jangsan. Located at the very last stop on Line 2 of the Busan subway, in chi-chi Haeundae, there are plenty of places one can whet their whistles with a cuppa or three, including…

12. – 15. Angel-in-us, Tom N Toms, Ediya, Dunkin’ Donuts (Gimhae)

Here are four of the most visible coffee shop chains you will find in South Korea. All of these locations were photographed in Gimhae.

7. – 11. Cafe Do, Cafe Friends, Imperial Coffee, Coffee Tree, Let it be (Gimhae)

These were the coffee shops that surrounded my first apartment in Gimhae I lived in for two months at the beginning of 2014. I took a ride back to that area Friday morning to see what remained and what had gone to the caffeinated clouds in the sky.

4. – 6. Gentle Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, Black Keys

At first, I hoped this was a play on a type of coffee that has low acidity, like the Aeropress. Sadly, it does not appear to be (it's also not very good).
At first, I hoped this was a play on a type of coffee that has low acidity, like the Aeropress.

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